DRitC 2015: Love Is An Open Road


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This is my prompt ↓

Dear Author,

Get this, I’m no romantic. I don’t even believe in love. Hell, I don’t even have time to think about those sappy things. Love? Ha, not for me. But the thing is all of it went to hell because of him. Okay let me be clear, this is how it went down. Me and my gang was at this fancy party. Why? Well, me, I’m what you call a thief. We steal things. Precious pricey things. And we do it with such class you won’t even notice it.

Anyhow, we wanted to steal this diamond necklace. It was so damn pricey I thought it would be the job for ages. I knew if it went right we could be legends among thieves. What I didn’t know was, well, honestly it turned out that I knew almost nothing.

Like, first, there was a guy at this party who was insanely good looking and all that stuff. But strange thing was I was so attracted to him I couldn’t concentrate on the mission. I almost missed seeing the necklace his date was wearing.

Second, it felt like knew him from some where, like from another life, and somehow I knew he was a vampire too.

Third, there’s someone/something else out there trying to get the necklace from his date.

Fourth, suddenly girl with the necklace went missing, and he got wounded.

Fifth, him being hurt made me hurt too, that emotion felt so alien to me, but I knew it was love.



Now for what I can share with you:

13783994←This is my choice for (MC 1)

Title: Hollow’s Trouble

MC 1: Creed Larsen (Human)

MC 2: Holland Vandiver (Vampire)

Genre: Paranormal

Time: The here & now.

For more information on DRitC go to M/M Romance Group on Goodreads. You will have to join/be a member of the group to have access to the discussions.

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