Question Time

B - HHOne Last Kiss Goodbye (Hidden Hearts 1) was originally a Silver Publishing book… As you all know I’ve changed parts of the story and moved it away from the father’s day plot line, and more towards old friends reuniting to become lovers type story. In having said that the story basis is the same, but by the end I will have added 14K…

Q: Should I Keep the story name as One Last Kiss Goodbye? Or should I change it so people know it’s different from the original version?


6 thoughts on “Question Time

  1. One issue with changing a title is that readers, who may have read the previous version, think that it’s a new book and may later complain after reading that its the same book, even though changes have been made? Although it its easy enough to have a note either on the cover or clearly displayed in its blurb that it used to go by another title, especially if you have a better title than before?

    Hope this helps? I look forward to reading this book as I missed it the first time around 🙂

    1. Actually I love the original title, and thus the reason why I couldn’t decide… though I will add that this is a previous released work – with major changes… I know I’ve re bought books when the title has changed without realising.

    1. After hearing back from lots of people, plus my publisher… yes I’ve definitely decided to keep the original title… it’s at the beta readers now… I’m in the process of writing the prequel about Micah & Sammy… and in doing so we’ll hear more about Jacen & Kayne.

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