Updates On What’s Happening

B - UDThis is what’s happening in my life and why my writing is put on hold for the moment until I complete the last two tasks needing to get done.

  1. Been working in my brother’s tattoo shop while my sister in-law is ill.
  2. Been helping the kids with both high school & uni work (homework and assignments).
  3. Still in the midst of our construction company changing hands before we can start the new one in New Zealand.
  4. Still getting over my bronchial asthma/flu that has been lingering for the last three weeks.
  5. Clearing the yard of any debris that may get blown around as they are predicting a wind storm to hit some time this week—I truly hope it doesn’t reach us.
  6. Taking people to and from doctors appointments.
  7. Helping my son setting up a garden bed along the side of our driveway—no flowers all evergreens & succulents—it’s actually starting to look good there are 9 bays and we are up to bay 3.
  8. Running errands for my husband in preparation for his business in NZ.
  9. Finally getting the lino laid in my home library.
  10. Lastly I have been trying to keep on top of all the normal everyday chores.

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