The Freedomers

ac1aa9a0-aeab-447f-9bee-dc7e4467472eI’m not sure if this will be a series or a one off book. If It does become a series it will be called… The Freedomers 1: Zephania’s Chance. I’ve reached 12K, but have to stop as I need to go back and explain a few things…this will be a novel rather than a novella like I usually write. I’m not sure how long it will end up at.

I must admit since I’ve been doing the rewrite on this story I have been writing down ideas for later parts of this story, or maybe they’ll feature in later books.

14 - 1 (3)

This picture is my inspiration for Chance Hastings. Sorry I have no clue his real name or where I got the photo from.

My main character has gone through another name change. He started as Joshua Anderson, became Dayne Mills, and now he is Chance Hastings. In my mind he’s dictating exactly how he wants to be seen and making sure I take down notes so I don’t forget—as if I have a bad memory. Ha!—where was I. Oh right, he’s a bossy little 1012051_600254350047999_1536934984_nbugger who wants me to get the story right. just in case you’re wondering—I did write the notes. Not that I’m saying Chance is in control. Oh, who am I kidding right now Chance is ruling the roost.

This guy, and again I have no clue where the photo came from, or who he real is. But in saying that he is my inspiration for Zephania.

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