Playing Catch Up

36764_105130762871417_6990716_nMy writing life has been on hold for the last little bit. It’s spring break for us at the moment and I find it hard to write with the kids in the house… even though they are 14 & 25 they still seem to take up a lot of time… but here’s what I can tell you. With MLRPress I’ve been told that I should receive Galley Proof on The Lines Of Marsden 3: You Make Me Die In Pieces next week.

Also I have started work on planning out the mystery/crime/thriller book I’ve been asked to write… We’re doing the four seasons and my season is summer… that’s as far as I’ve gotten.

10259753_695003427211884_6309451945217256490_nThe covers for Hidden Hearts 1: Harder & Harder To Breathe, and HH 2: One Last Kiss Goodbye are done. I’m just waiting for approval so that I can show them off to you all… Tracey Soxie Weston has done a great job on them… I’ve also heard I should be starting edits on HH 1 soon.


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