Playing Catch Up & Dreams

B - UDOkay… so I have been super busy at home these last couple of weeks… spring cleaning and doing much needed renovations—getting as much done as possible while the hubs is home.

Catch up wise: I’ve been going through my story files on the computer and updating them or deleting them if they read like crap… kind of getting everything set up to start fresh in 2016…

B - NDreams: This is something going through my mind… No title & no character names…

  ??? stared thoughtfully at his friend before speaking. “I had a vision once, or maybe it was a dream. I was standing in New Orleans; Bourbon Street to be exact, and there were all these people standing on pedestals. Kind of like statues come to life.”

  “What were they doing?”

  “They all had their heads tilted back staring at the sky. All that is except for one who was staring straight at me with such intensity I believe he was staring straight into my soul as if working out just who the hell I was.”

  “What did you do?”

  ??? chuckled. “I did what any normal person would do. I legged it. I tucked tail and run hard and fast trying to put as much distance between us as possible.”

  “Did you make it to safety?”

  “I honestly don’t know. I woke up when I heard something akin to the hounds of hell chasing me.”


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