End Of Year Updates

B - UDOkay, once again my writing world is running hell-for-leather. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and I’m hoping like hell it isn’t the damn train. As everyone knows I’m down to writing my last book—The Connelly Chronicles 2: Beautiful Goodbyes (I’m half way through it actually) and then I got back Day Walkers 1: The Real You… we’ve had a change of series name from Day Walkers to Wardens of the Guild.  So I now have  20 days left to write 60K (which we all know by my NaNoWriMo efforts this year that I can well and truly do).

To be honest, I’m so looking forward for 2015 to be over. I have had a very rough year, and I don’t just mean to do with everything writing (not that anyone wants to hear about all my problems… let’s just say I struggled, but 2016 is looking brighter).

Just in case I don’t make it back here before 2016 I just wanted to let you know at my other blog I am spending the month pimping out other authors… if you get a chance stop by…


  1.  AJ Llewellyn (Coffee & Kukui Nuts/ Ti Leaves & Moon Cakes)
  2. Edward kendrick (Love & Christmas)
  3. Atom Yang (Red Envelope)
  4. Jacey Mills (We wish You A Merry Christmas)
  5. Anna Lee (A Christmas Wish/A Christmas Kindness)
  6. Charlie Cochrane (An Angel In The Window)
  7. Nic Starr (The proof Is In The Pudding)
  8. K-lee Klein (Unbridled Hearts)
  9. Christopher Stone (Shaking The Holiday Blues Away)
  10. Laurie Terson (Rockin’ Around The Ranch)
  11. N.R Walker (Red Dirt Christmas)
  12. Neil Plakcy (Noche Buena)
  13. ME (Christmas Time At Papa Lee’s)
  14. Lucy Felthouse (Cupid)
  15. Bronwyn Heeley (Moonlit Escapades)
  16. Saxon Hawke (Candy Canes & Coffee Beans) CA Szarek (Cole In Her Stocking)
  17. Diana DeRicci (Hibernate With Me)
  18. Haley Walsh (A Verry Merry Foxemas)
  19. Brina Brady (For Me)
  20. ME (Angels On Top)
  21. Jambrea Jo Jones (Blood On The Moon)
  22. Francis Gideon (The Boyfriend Rule)
  23. Alexa Milne (Not Every Time)
  24. Caraway Carter (The First Time)
  25. ME (Merry Christmas World—A Different Christmas Song For Each Day Of December)
  26. Neil Plakcy (Third Night)
  29. Jambrea Jo Jones (Vegas Sin)
  30. ME (2015 ~ A Year In Reflection)
  31. ME (2016 ~ My Writing Schedule)


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