I’m Back…

open-book-clip-art-1816875Okay, I have been busy as all get go, but nothing of it was to do with writing… I have been dealing with Centrelink they are driving me nuts… well not even them really. it’s more I’ve been running around doing stuff and no department seems to want to talk to any other department… Also still dealing with ATO/Accountants/ High School/ University/ Transport Department…and the list goes on.

Onto writing news…

  1. I’ve just completed the BIF for Wardens of the Guild 1: The Real You, and sent back to Faith BB at Pride… I will share the cover when I can—even I haven’t seen it yet.
  2. Today I’m also doing Galley on The Freedomers 1: Zephania’s Chance. I have to have it done and sent back to Kathy K at Fireborn tomorrow.
  3. I’m still waiting for Galley on Intended Mates 1:  Lay Your Body Down from Kris J/Annette S at MLRPress.

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