This Is How

WIPSAny Nickelback fan would have sung this posts title followed by “You remind me, of what I really am” don’t worry I did the exact same thing so you aren’t alone. You’re not a true fan unless you sing along.
This post is more than likely going to be a ramble as that is the mood I am in. I want to explain a little about what is going on inside my head… Starting with why I changed the 2016 writing list still will have the the same amount of output, but I decided to shelve any new series and concentrate on existing series. I marked the Novels all the rest are 40K Novellas.


Hidden Hearts 3: Going By The Book
Moon Runners 2: I Won’t Let You Go
Moon Runners 3: (Thinking of a new title)
The Diamond Rose 2: So Pretty On The Outside
The Diamond Rose 3: Sometimes It Hurts
The Freedomers 2: Craine’s Everlasting Faith (MF)
The Freedomers 3: Drake’s Broken Prophecy (MM)  


Experimentals 3: Messages From The Dead
Intended Mates 2: Dancing To The Sounds Of Madness
Lancaster’s Way 3: Pre-loved
Lancaster’s Way 4: Riding Fences
Lancaster’s Way 5: A Stuart Family Christmas (Ends Series)
Sons Of Evenmore 3: Fear The Scarlet Moon
The Lines Of Marsden 4: The Trail Of Red Roses (100K)
The Lines Of Marsden 4.5: On the 12th Day (Asher’s Coven)
Toowoomba Boys 4: Securing The Heart
Toowoomba Boys 5: Bending The Law 


The Connelly Chronicles 2: Beautiful Goodbyes (100K)
The Connelly Chronicles 3: Because Of You (100K)
Wardens Of The Guild 2: All That Shimmers
Wardens Of The Guild 3: Heart Strings
Wardens Of The Guild 4: Gilded Cages (Possibly Ends Series)

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