Edits & Other Rambling

PRIDE_transparent-3-300x143So, I’m currently doing edits on Wardens of the Guild 1: The Real You

Actually, I’ve done the edits and I’m now backtracking to give some much needed descriptions for people and places, as well as tackling those dreaded over used words… mine seem to change with ever book I write… This time mine are (added – spoke – before – no sooner) along with the ever faithful (smile/grin – just). Somehow I don’t think I’ll never write the perfect manuscript… if I did what would the editors be for? I need Faith BB on this, she points out all the holes that I just don’t see.

How I don’t see the holes I’ll ever know, and why don’t I realise just how many times I use a word before it becomes annoying to the reader? Truthfully, my major problem is I forget the storylines as soon as I write them. But I have to get this lot done and in because Faith BB is also working in the edits for The Connelly Chronicles 2: Beautiful Goodbyes.

The trouble for me with writing is the story in my head needs to get out as fast as possible and usually in my haste I don’t actually think about my phrasing… and I tend to use cliches a lot. I have to try and stop myself from doing this… at the moment while reading whether it be MM, MF, FF if I see a description of something… I have a spare notebook beside me and I re write that snippet in my own words. trying to retrain my brain to not gloss over what I see. I always forget… the reader can’t see inside my head they need to see through my words…

A good example is, and this has nothing to do with my writing… I love reading Diana Gabaldon I love her Outlander series… but after seeing the TV version… that Jamie Fraser and the one inside my head when I read the books are two completely different images. In saying that, I’m now making a conscious effort for my readers to see my characters like I do. I’m also trying to make sure the images on the cover match the characters… it’s so annoying when they don’t.


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