Inspiration For Me

20151022_083954People think I’m weird… I can’t even say they’re wrong. I know most authors—well some authors feel exactly the same way. I always carry a notebook and pens with me wherever I go. I’m the one you see having a cuppa at the mall jotting down notes like my life depended on it. And to top it all off I never seem to throw the books away once they are full. Even after I transfer everything onto my computer I store them in archive boxes. I always date when I write notes down… as if it’s proof that this is what I did on a certain day, and I own these notes/story ideas.

Sometimes I can’t even enjoy listening to music as I’m always listing to words or a phrase that will jump out at me and inspire me to write my own version… it may have nothing to do with the actual song itself, but those few extraordinary words take up room inside my head space until I put them to good use.

Take today for instance I was listening to Nickleback in the car and there are just certain songs of theirs that just make me want to pull out The Lines of Marsden and write. I don’t even know why to me Nickleback is Michael Marsden & Doyle Kerwin. Or why Bullet for my Valentine makes me automatically think of my series Experimentals. Why Chris Daughtry makes me hunger to write The Diamond Rose series. Or why Shinedown makes me think or The Connelly Chronicles.

The truth is I don’t even listen to music when I write. I like it to be nice and quiet. Yet I still find inspiration in the things I see and the things I listen to. I also love watching people in case I need to use them as a character in my stories.


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