Today I Am…

b-rtI’ve decided to clean up my computer and Dropbox… I think to be able to start writing again I need to be clutter free.  I just need to clear everything out and keep only the necessary things.

I’ll also be going through my back-burner books and posting a new excerpt here each Saturday (Australia) for everyone to read and then leave me their thoughts… I really do like listening to your thoughts on my writing… as long as everyone remembers the excerpts are only rough drafts.

Does everyone else declutter their computers? If so how often do you do it? Does anyone have any other helpful ideas on keeping story notes together? I have recently be using Lynn Viehl’s way… you can find some great blank forms etc here on her freebies page on her Paperback Writer Blog.

I think I also need to re read my own work, which I hate doing as I see so many things I’d like to change. Is it bad that I can’t remember what some of my books are about? I have to re read so that I can figure out where I was going with each series. I must admit I have a memory like a sieve. My daughter thinks it’s hilarious that by the time I get to the end of writing a story I can’t remember what happened in the beginning—I just think she’s being a mean bitch (and she doesn’t deny it).

I was asked recently if I follow specific guidelines when I write? I didn’t even have to think about it when I answered: No. The truth is, I write the genres I do so that I can mould my worlds into any shape I want. I don’t think there should be any set lines on what a vampire, a demon, preternatural creatures, fey, and any other mythical being should be like. I like people to see things from my point of view and never say this is just another predictable story.

On that note I will away, as I have some cleaning out and de-cluttering to do. Catch you on the flipside.


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