qBsnRNjLIlxv177wu4BWTDh1o1_500For me Inspiration comes in many forms whether it comes from a picture like the one posted here (I borrowed this and have no clue who it belongs to) but it calls out to me… here is a story to be written and read. I want to be the person who gets to tell their unique tale. I want to do these two characters justice. I always wonder if others look at this same picture and envision it the way I do.

Thus I have so many questions I need answers to:

  1.  What’s going on inside their minds?
  2.  What does the fence have to do with the story-line?
  3. Are the friends or frenemies?
  4. Are they preternatural, alien, or human?
  5. What is their story?

Also I need inspiration on posting to my blogs… so here is my schedule until the end of the year… Hopefully the posts themselves will keep you all entertained.

My personal posts My writing posts ~ My publisher posts ~ My  friends posts ~ My back-burner posts… 

Day Blogger WordPress
Monday It’s My Life MLRPRESS
Tuesday Talking My Books Inspiration
Wednesday Em’s Turn Pride Publishing
Thursday Throwback Thursday Talking Writing
Friday Beautiful According To Me Fireborn Publishing
Saturday Show off: Other Authors Back-burner Books
Sunday Self-Promo Random Thoughts

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