Talking Writing

20151022_083954Writing a story is different for everyone… no two authors write exactly the same. Sometimes I wish I could write like so many of the people I admire, but then, if I could I wouldn’t be me.

I often admire they way other authors explain stuff… and try and emulate the way that they do things—without coming off like I’m stuck in description mode. The truth is, I get so caught up in the dialogue I most often forget to describe the setting at all… Thank God for beta readers and editors.

Writing can be very time consuming… so set yourself daily wordage quotas… For me I usually divide the ultimate wordage for the story by the number of days to give me my daily quota EG: 40,000 / 30 = 1,333.333333 (1,334) daily count. This might not wrk for everyone but I know it works for me… in me Moon Runners 2: I Won’t Let You Go… I have written 10,500 out of 40,000 leaving me with 29,500 to go and I want the story to be finished by October 15th (18 days)… my working out would be this: 29,500 / 18 = 1,638.8888…. (round up) 1,634 word per day needed to get me done on time.

I can’t say enough that a good author does these things:

  • Takes/keeps plenty of notes… there is nothing worse than reading a story and the persons eyes, or hair colour changes. Yes, I’ve been guilty of that. though, luckily for me it got picked up in the editing process.
  • Keep track of your time lines.. I personally have trouble with these. I think I work them out so perfectly, but I usually screw them up somewhere along the way.
  • Stick to what you know… I don’t mean never try something new, but unless you can verify your facts stay with what you’re comfortable with… because believe me your readers will know… (Lancaster’s Way 1: When Souls Collide) White gravy Vs White sauce that’s all I’m saying… in my defence we do cook brisket different.
  • Know you creatures… though if you’re anything like me you’ll want to shake things up a little.
  • Know your worlds… once you have that down-pat the story should run smoothly.
  • Know your publisher and their guidelines… try and always format to their way to make the journey easier.
  • Most importantly… talk to your editors if you feel strongly about something. especially if you want them to see things from your point of view… in saying that, realise that sometimes compromising is a good thing.

I hope these hints were helpful.


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