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This story is one of my attempts at writing YA… I’m just not sure about it all.

Makes No Nevermind (YA)


The copper taste in Dominic’s mouth all but made him want to throw up. Staring at his father’s snarling face he was determined that he would not give that man the satisfaction of seeing him cry. What hurt more was the fact his mother turned away as if she was disgusted at the very sight of him.

He wanted to scream at them in rage. He wanted to ask if they were so God fearing then why did two of their children turn out gay? What did they do, to make God punish them? But doing so would just make him stoop to their level. He was better than that. His sister, Agnes, had always told him when time came and everything got too hard for him to handle at home he needed to come to her. She would take him in no matter what.

Dominic thought maybe things weren’t so bad after all. He might be an abomination in the eyes of God and his parents, but at least he still had someone who loved him for who he was. With Aggie he wouldn’t have to pretend to be something he wasn’t. In a sad sort of way it was a good thing that Aunt Linda saw him and Reverend Jacob’s son kissing after church.

The only part that hurt was that Rory had blamed him for everything; when it wasn’t true. Rory had been the one to pin him against the church wall and stick his tongue down Dominic’s throat. But because he was the reverend’s son he was the one who people believed, and now all Dominic’s other friends were shunning him, or calling him nasty names. At first he wasn’t even sure he was gay; but if he was honest, he liked the feel of Rory’s mouth on his. Liked the way Rory pressed his athletic body against his. It felt nice having all those muscles to hold onto. If that was what being Gay felt like, then maybe he was. It wasn’t as if any of the girls did anything for him. He’d kissed a few of them, and never once had he gotten so hard so fast as he did when Rory’s mouth touched his.

He was so caught up in his own thoughts; that he completely missed his father’s fist heading in his direction. It wasn’t until he was sitting on the floor staring up at his father with blood trickling from his split lip that he realised they were no longer alone. A Policeman was cuffing his father’s arms behind his back; while his mother screamed at them. Only then did he see Aggie and Max pushing their way through the doorway to get to him.

Dominic smiled: Yes everything was going to be alright now.

* * * *


Dominic smiled at his best friend Clint; they had met the first day Dominic had moved in with his sister and her partner Max—short for Maxine. Today Clint was explaining to him yet again; why it was a good thing to have a gay best friend.

“Dom, buddy, it’s like this. All the Girlies seem to flock to the gay man… so I’m smart see, I am thinking if they flock to you then I’ll get all of them girlies when they realise you aren’t going to be changing sides anytime soon.” Clint grinned like he had come up with the best laid plan in the whole world.

“Only one problem with that scenario, buddy, I don’t seem to have the girlies flocking towards me.” A slight frown crossed over his face. “I don’t seem to have anyone interested in me at all.”


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