Random Thoughts

b-rtSometimes the weirdest shit runs through my mind, and I have difficulty in sorting it all out. I know I’m not the only one. sometimes it’s about my stories, but most times it’s just about life in general.

I know I can’t be the only one contemplating things like:

  • why is a hand called a hand?
  • Why is it when I hate doing something time seems to drag, but when I’m enjoying myself it flies by?
  • How the animals that wander around the neighbourhood always know how to find their way home?
  • Are my three cats really planning world domination? Some days it feels like that.

This is the stuff my already overcrowded mind has to deal with. My muse Vlad seems to have gone on permanent vacation. I wish the little f*cker would come back and regain some semblance of order.

The week just past I’ve mainly been overrun by the damn certification of the shed in my front yard. After so many setbacks, I realise that I’ll have to sit the fricken owner-builder course to get it completed… I’m waiting to hear back from the certifier about which course to take as there were so many of them. I also waiting for them to tell me about whether or not I also have to apply for a white card. I’m hoping to have it all sorted out within the next week or so.

On that note I will away and catch you all next week when I talk about the next random thing that takes over my life.

AND REMEMBER: Life isn’t about weathering the storm ~ it’s about learning to dance in the rain.

4 thoughts on “Random Thoughts

  1. my mind goes to crazy shit like, who said blue was blue. or who said a tree was a tree why wasn’t called a flower. never ending shit like that i can almost see the hamster running in hi wheel.

  2. I got the same sort of crazy stuff. Sometimes about words and who decided, like the hand thing, and sometimes about how different traditions or behaviours evolved and why they went the way they did instead of another, and whether it was by intent or accident.

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