The Lines of Marsden

As I said last week this is the first series I ever thought about publishing for real. I want to take you back to some character inspiration for this series… I only base their looks & not their personalities. I’ll do the main characters and their partners.

1 Michael-King & 2 Benj Marsden (Vampires)

You can tell both are based on Jonathon Rhys Meyers… I just think this man has something about him

1 Doyle Kerwin & 2 Christian Risley-Kincaid (Vampires)

Doyle is based on Paolo Nutini & for the life of my I can’t remember this models name. My daughter tells me it’s Jeremy Defour 

1 Gypsy Marsden (Wearewolf) & 2  Kerr Rooney (Vampire)

Gypsy is based on my daughter Emily & Kerr is Chris Daughtry… Gypsy even has a few personality traits of my daughter as well… In case you’re wondering yes she is that bossy.

 1 Maffa & 2 Jaffa (Mathew & Jasper Farnell-Alpha) (Werewolves)

Both are based on Matt Tuck (Bullet for my Valentine) because they are Emily’s favourite characters and she got to pick the inspiration… so she used her favourite singer.

1 Charm Edwards (Vampire) 


To be honest I have no clue who this person is… but when I was looking for inspiration this is who I found… if anyone knows let me know. I thought it was Kate Beckinsale… but I can’t be sure… As yet Maffa doesn’t have a mate… I’m still deciding whether he’ll be straight or gay.

I guess I’ll figure it out the more I get into writing book 4: The Trail of Red Roses. This story will be more about Benj & Christian… seeing as they really do need to get to know each other all over again.

Venetia1 Venetia Kincaid (Vampire & all round bad chick)

Who is based on Hillary Duff—has already has already found and kidnapped Raphael Marsden. Just so you know we won’t really see him enter back into the story until book 6: And Now You Die… we will actually morph into the lives of the children once we hit the second line… so I won’t go into details of that until I get there.

Back to the first line…

So much has happened to Michael Marsden. He went from a happy go lucky young man into a newly turned vampire. He starts out by hoping that he’ll just die because he doesn’t want to be a vampire. That all goes kaflooey when Doyle & Christian who are trailing Michael decide it’s time to basically kidnap him and bring him home to join the family. That in itself just gives Micahel a whole new set of troubles to deal with.

It son becomes apparent the “Family” have an enemy out there, they need to work together to figure out who it is and how to stop them. The main thing to remember—Assume: makes an ass out of you & me—The family soon learn the were very far from the actual truth.

In book 1: Rules are Meant to be Broken we have some kidnapping, murder, shared dreams, and a couple of fist fights. Michael learns just what it means to be a grown up, and how to deal with whatever life throws at him.

In book 2: Living in Shadows…Michael’s twin sister Gypsy steps up to become a major player. She also gets herself kidnapped by the Eldren… we learn that everyone’s relationships aren’t what they seem and sometimes you have to let go of the people you love the most. Michael also learns “WORDS MATTER” something said in jest has a good probability of coming true whether he wants it to or not ,

In book 3: You Make Me Die in PiecesMichael has to learn just who he is, or more so who he was—who all of them were. When past comes back to bite them in the arse big time. Michael once again has to pull everyone together to get the best outcome for the family, and all the new people who have entered into their lives.

In book 4: The Trail of Red Roses… We delve into the journey of finding the children. First they’ll have t figure out where Doyle in his previous life stashed them. Our journey follow behind Benj & Christian as they do some soul searching while tracking down the lost children.

In book 4.5: On the 12th Day…this is a short novella which takes us away from the family and back to England to Asher’s Coven where we will spend Christmas with all the magic and love that is associated with that special time of year.

In book 5: Love You, Hate You, Need YouMaffa gets sent out to help to search for the missing shifter pack members. along the way he finds and falls in love with someone (as I said I’m not sure yet who so I don’t really know what’ll happen in this story)

In book 6: And Now You DieVenetia is back in the story and everything the family has been fighting for culminates in one god-almighty fight where there can only be one winner… Good verses Evil. Venetia has to die—but by who’s hand?



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