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To start off with… Today My blog does not want me to post any pictures that sit alongside the text. Hell, it won’t even let me move it to the centre of the page… but let’s not let that distract us.

I know I’ve been putting off writing the next instalment in my series, The Diamond Rose I have come up with a somewhat awkward situation. Where I realise my world has almost the exact same name of somebody else’s world… the thing is I love this other author and it never even occurred to me until I was recently re reading her books that I noticed the glaring similarity with the name…Okay, I should mention before someone points it out that the author is Alexis Morgan and her world is called Kalithia whereas mine is Kalethia… I want to sincerely apologise to everyone for my stupidity, and for not researching the name more thoroughly… It won’t happen again.

Now onto more of my dilemma…  We’ve already been to Kalethia in book one… would it seem weird if The Diamond Rose (the property set in Australia) finds out it’s connected to more than one world… I figure that way I can move away from the name similarity—and it can also bring in new characters for everyone to get to know.

I really would be interested in your opinions, so that I can get back to writing this series. That whole name thing has thrown me for a loop, because I don’t want people thinking I stole the story. I just didn’t research enough. And because I gave myself a guilt trip I had a metal aversion to continuing with the series, but in 2017 I need to be able to move forward.

Please stop by and let me know your thoughts…


2 thoughts on “Fireborn Publishing

  1. That’s a real bummer. Maybe write to Alexis Morgan and explain what happened, and how you came up with the name, and make sure she’s okay with it? I mean, I’ve read more than a few stories where names of fantasy/sci-fi places are similar (or sometimes the same) as what other authors have done, so as long as it’s not on purpose, and you check with the other author, I can’t see that it would be a problem. The other option would be to change the spelling a little (although I love the spelling as it is), maybe something like Ka’lethia, or Kalethea with an accent on the e?

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