Back-burner Books


Curiosity & A Katt (Paranormal)

Chapter One

  Heat raced through Derek Lewis’s body, burning him to his very core as the generous lips wrapped around his hard cock sucking him down, not stopping until his nose was planted firmly in Derek’s pubes. Derek looked through hooded eyes to the man on his knees before him. Katterick Jones was one of the most beautiful men he had ever laid eyes upon. Each night most patrons of Curiosity the night club Katt owned were vying for the right to share the gorgeous man’s bed. Tonight it was all Derek’s time, but honestly he didn’t even remember how he came to be here in the room with Katterick on his knees. One minute he was home in bed thinking about all the jobs still on his list to do at work tomorrow, and in the next he was naked with his cock stuck down another guy’s throat.

  “Katt, baby,” the endearment fell from his lips as he thrust into Katterick’s welcoming mouth. “I need…” he needed something. He just didn’t know what exactly he needed until he felt the press of lubed fingers against his aching hole. Where the hell had Katterick gotten the lube from?

  A groan tore from deep inside him as two of Katterick’s fingers slid slowly and fully into his waiting passage. “So full.” He was almost overwhelmed by how full he felt, his legs had already begun to tremble threatening to let him fall. He couldn’t get his brain to work as a third, and then a fourth finger was pressed into him opening him up. His whole body throbbed knowing what was to come. “Katt…please.”

  A protest was on the tip of his tongue as Katterick suddenly let go of his erection and stood up until the fronts of their bodies were flush against each other. Bringing up a hand he wrapped it firmly around the back of Katterick’s neck and drew the man closer to him. Leaning in, Derek devoured the man’s lips in a kiss. Fuck, he loved those lips. Actually everything about the man was perfection. There wasn’t a single thing he could complain about. he could quite happily spend the rest of his life swapping spit and tongue fucking the man in his arms. Hopefully followed by fucking his tight arse or getting fucked in return – either way he was going to be happy

  As they parted Katterick grabbed his hips and spun him around, pinning him to the wall they had been leaning against. All Derek could do was push back against the hard shaft pressing against his hole. “Wait, you forgot the…” was all he got out before Katterick thrust in to the hilt not stopping until he was balls deep. “Condom.” Derek ended on a moan; at this stage in the game he was beyond caring about anything except the rock hard cock pounding mercilessly into his arse.

  Still he had to wonder why in all the time he had been here Katterick hadn’t uttered a single word. Was this just a one off fuck? Well, yes, it probably was. The Katterick jones who owned a nightclub had a different man every night sometimes two or three of them. A noise somewhere off to his right tickled at the back of his mind – what the hell was that noise? It sounded like…”


  Derek threw his hand across his eyes as he realised it had all been a dream. He didn’t need to move his hand to know that he had flooded his briefs with cum. The coolness against his skin was a dead giveaway. Reaching out he slapped at his alarm clock to shut off the infernal noise before it made his ears bleed.

  Why he woke up yet again from another dream featuring the high and mighty Katterick-bloody-Jones he didn’t know? Especially as in each of them Katterick was perceived as such a hot and highly sexual stud. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, Katterick – not Katt – was one of the most unattainable and boring men who worked in the offices of Kendal, Laurence, and O’Donnell – Attorneys at Law, and just happened to be the man he had focus all his lust on. He really had to stop reading the erotic novels by Katt Roberts, and he really had to stop replacing Jackson Kasey and Lucas Drake with Katterick and himself. It would be a hell of a lot easier if their descriptions didn’t resemble Katterick and him so damn much. It was like the author knew them both and was just fucking with his mind.

  Today he was dreading going into the office. There were actually eleven lawyers in the building where they worked. Derek was a personal assistant to Liam O’Donnell. Who by the grace of Satan himself just happened to share office space with Nathan Kendal whose personal assistant was, yes you guessed it, ding-ding-ding. The one and only Katterick-I am way too good to associate with you-Jones.

  As he climbed out of bed and headed to the bathroom to take care of business and shower, he had to mentally psyche himself up to sit across the room they shared for a whole day. For the next nine hours he would have to sit there and do his own work while being completely ignored by the man who more often than not featured as the starring role in his dreams.


  Katt groaned as the office door opened and Derek sauntered in. He wasn’t sure exactly why he was always so abrupt with them man who had never been anything but nice to him. Okay, so maybe that wasn’t quite true. He couldn’t seem to bring himself to have a serious conversation with the man he had based his character Lucas Drake on. Derek would more than likely king hit him straight in the mouth if he knew about it. Thankfully, none of his colleagues or bosses knew what he did for a living. In all honesty he doubted they even knew he was gay. He wasn’t brave enough to be out at work – not like Derek was. Not that Derek flaunted his lifestyle around, but if asked, and he had been, Derek always answered yes. Hence the reason why Lucas Drake was an exact copy of Derek Lewis even right down to the size of his nine inch cock. Not that he had taken peeks or anything stalkerish like that. Could he help it if Derek seemed to always be in the bathroom the same exact moments he needed to go?

  “Morning,” he said softly as Derek headed past his desk. A slight nod of Derek’s head let Katt know Derek had even acknowledged his words. Today was going to be another day filled with silence between them – Oh what fun.

  With a shake of his head, Katt went back to sorting out what he needed to prioritise for his boss today. One of these days he was going to know the perfect thing to say which would actually get Derek to have a normal conversation with him. He had watched Derek socialise at office functions with the other PA’s yet he always seemed to ignore Katt. Who was he kidding all the other PA’s ignored him, he had heard the whispers of him being stuck up and unapproachable, and if he was totally honest with himself, so far he had done nothing to discourage their way of thinking. In his mind if they got too close they might just find out his secret.

  In most cases two lawyers shared office space in Kendal, Laurence, and O’Donnell. Each office suite comprised of three rooms each lawyer had a private client meeting rooms and the office each P.A. shared. Their desks mirrored each other’s as the as sat side by side, except Derek’s had a framed picture of him standing with another young man. The man was standing slightly behind Derek with his arms loosely wrapped around Derek’s shoulders as they smiled into the camera. Funnily it was a very beautiful picture yet every time he looked at it jealousy curled around his heart. He wanted to be the other man in the picture. He wanted to be the one to wrap Derek up in his arms. At least he had Lucas Drake to live out all his fantasies through, even if Lucas was just a figment of Katt’s imagination.

  Katt looked at his watch as the door opened again. It was a little too early for clients to be arriving, and he smiled as Liam, and Nathan walked into the office. They had their heads together as they talked about something, and it wasn’t hard to imagine these two men having been friends since early childhood, instead of the two years they had actually known each other, they became friends about the same time Nathan and his fiancée broke up. Funny how such things can bring two people closer together. Their friendship existed in the same two years-three months-twelve days and counting span he had spent sharing his space with one Derek Lewis, and wanting what he could never have.

  “Good morning, Mr Kendal, Mr O’Donnell… Would you like me to get you a coffee?” Katt said as they realised they weren’t alone.

  “No, I’m fine we stopped for coffee on the way in. Actually could you and Derek come into the office for a moment, there is something we would like to discuss with you both?”

  Katt nodded as he followed both men into Nathan’s office. He couldn’t think if he had done anything which may have upset his boss, unless they had found out what he did when he wasn’t at work. Not all bosses, especially lawyers, would appreciate their PA night lighting as an erotic male-male romance writer. He had tried very hard to keep his private and work life separated.

  Moving across the office he sat on one of the two vacant chairs available. He straightened his tie, and crossed his legs as he waited for what was to come. Derek walked in and took the seat beside him, they both waited expectantly for either of their bosses to speak. A gasp from Derek had his attention focused solely on the two men on the other side of the desk. Nathan was sitting and Liam was standing beside him, nothing unusual until he realised Liam’s fingers were playing with the hair at the nape of Nathan’s neck.

  “Oh My God.”


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    1. Sorry for the late reply… I have been busy selling my house and moving… I’m afraid i let my blogs slide for the last couple of months and no I’m playing major catch up. I will definitely finish writing this book at some stage and it will be a one off. Mind you i’m not quite sure where the story is going right at the minute…LOL.

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