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SOUL GUARDIANS 1: He Sends Me Pictures In My Dreams (Sci-Fi)

Chapter One

  Fire raced over his skin in the wake of the fingertips trailing over his flesh. Kyle Landers knew this wasn’t real. This was was some kind of hallucinogenic scary-as-fuck dream. There was no way in hell Batty Johnson was now nestled between his thighs, and pinning him to the bed. His body was not reacting to the hot breath which ghosted over his throat moments before those soft lips made contact. What the hell is happening to me? I’m not gay—I’m not.

  Damn it. Kyle found his hands seemed to have a mind of their own as they reached up and skimmed down the Batty’s spine. He moaned as the guy’s hard cock made contact with his own. In a weird way their bodies seemed to fit together perfectly. The slight pressure as Batty began to rub off against him, had Kyle’s legs trembling. Without realising what he was doing he slowly lifted them unit they wrapped around Batty’s waist holding the closer together.

  How had this gone from a nightmare to a sexual fantasy in such a short amount of time? And why in the hell am I even getting off by being this close to another guy? Especially when the man everyone called Batty as in Bat-shit-crazy—Bartholomew Johnson, was the main character in this scene. The guy couldn’t stand Kyle. They’d been stationed together for two years now and not once had the man said one word to Kyle. In fact it was only through others stationed with them he even knew Batty disliked him so much Kyle wasn’t sure if that was true or not and now wasn’t the time to ask. Even now the guy was as silent as ever as he continually sucked on Kyle’s the flesh of Kyle’s throat. If this was really happening he was going to have one hell of a hickey to try and explain away tomorrow.

  A deep sigh fell from his lips as Batty’s dream form quickened the pace. Kyle could quite match Batty’s silent vocals, his own needs pushed so many gasps, grunts and moans out of his body all the while his arms and legs maintained their hold on Batty’s hard body. Part of him took the time to wonder if this was what the man really looked like, or was this little fantasy all an illusion. Either way tonight was probably the most intense foreplay Kyle had ever experienced. None of the women he’d ever been with turned him on as much as he was right now—maybe he just needed to go out and get laid.

  He was so close. The tension in his body was ratcheting up in slow increments until he thought for sure he was going to completely burst into flames. The tingle which had started in the base of his spine was now zipping through him out of control. His fingertips dug into Batty’s back when then next thrust of Batty’s powerful hips sent Kyle careening over the edge into one of the strongest orgasms he had ever had. No sooner had he stopped when he felt Batty’s mouth tighten on his throat as more wet heat flowed between them.

  Closing his eyes Kyle tried to get himself under control. He whimpered at the loss of Batty’s body pressed against his own. His eyes opened to an empty room and the remnants of a deep throated chuckle. With a shaking hand he touched the cum and sweat still clinging to his skin. Getting out of bed he grabbed his towel before heading to the communal showers. Moving into one of the stalls he drew the curtain before he flicked the lever and waited for the spray of water to heat. The liquid soap dispenser attached to the wall at least was full so that was a good thing. With a small dollop of the liquid in his hands Kyle washed away the reminder of what had happened in his dream. Yet strangely his body still reacted to just the memory of what had taken place, and once again he found his raging hard-on standing upright and kissing his abdomen. Using more soap Kyle slicked up his hand and wrapped it around his aching cock. He brought to mind every pretty girl he had ever had ever seen and stroked himself to those images. As much as he wanted to his body wouldn’t come until the female images slipped away to be replaced by the dark looks of the man who had starred in his earlier dream. The moment those startling sky blue eyes appeared in his mind his body gave into the release it had been holding back.

  Leaning his forehead against the cool tile wall of the shower stall. Kyle gasped raggedly as he tried desperately to scrub the whole stupid situation from his mind. Why am I dreaming about a guy who won’t even acknowledge I exist? Taking a few for seconds to reconcile with himself. Kyle reached for more soap to finish his shower it wasn’t until he went to wash away the memory of Batty sucking on his throat that he registered the tenderness.

  Kyle switch off the shower and stumbled out of the stall until he came up against the sinks. Leaning closer to the mirror situated above his eyes widened at the vivid purple bruise already forming on his skin.

  What the Fuck!

  There was no way possible this was real. Quickly wrapping his towel around his hips Kyle made his way back to his room. And climbed back into his bead and prayed like Christ the fact that he could smell someone else on his sheets besides himself was just some huge arse mistake. Tomorrow he’d wake up and all this would’ve been the nightmare it was supposed to be.

* * * *

  Morning came way too soon for Kyle’s taste. He lay in bed just staring up at the drab ceiling over head as he listened to the sounds of the others getting ready to start the day in the Flight Academy. He had given over most of his life studying to get chosen to attend the Isobel Mather Space Academy which was adjoining the Equinox space station on the dark side of the newly found planet Lucky Star 901-90.

  His father hadn’t wanted him to even apply, but there was no way Kyle was willing to stay earthbound and miss the chance to become the pilot he’d always dreamed of being. So in the last months of his schooling Kyle had requested, filled in, and submitted the application to travel to Lucky Star. He was as surprised as anyone when he had been accepted.

  Before he had even left planet side he had attended a three month training session where they tested him both mentally and physically. By the time the departure date had arrived more than half of the people in training had either quit or been dropped. On his flight to the academy there were fifteen remaining out of the forty-four people who had started training with him.

  Kyle had been based in C squad at the academy for the last eleven months, thirteen days, and the seconds kept on ticking. Some more of his training partners had been shipped home due to not holding up under the strain of being in space. Kyle himself relished being here. There wasn’t a day that passed where he wasn’t thankful for getting chosen.

  The dynamics of his new home was at first strange to get used to. He was put in a dorm with eleven other men. All dorms at the academy contained twelve recruits. Usually they didn’t associate with the other barracks. Yet occasionally people would be moved and shifted to a new barrack. The spot they vacated was quickly filled by someone new.

  All meals were eaten in the same room. Every barrack shifts rotated so that each day their squad ate with a different one. Not only ate with them, but they trained alongside the other barracks they shared the mess hall with. Today, just his luck they were sharing with the N squad in which Batty Johnson was a member of. He wondered momentarily if he stayed in bed would anyone miss him. Hell, someone would come and drag his arse out of bed.

  With a groan Kyle stood and pulled on the academy uniform of skin tight black flight gear. Each squad had different coloured stitching which showed where you belonged. If he was ever chosen to leave his squad he’d be moved to the sister academy on the other side of the space station, and be issued with a new uniform. This was all hearsay, the gossip he’d listened to around the academy. So far no one from his squad had been chosen. A few had gone home after washing out, but none had transferred to the other academy.

  As he brushed his hair the bruise on his neck was evident against his pale flesh. He knew as soon as his squad saw it the teasing would start, and he didn’t have a clue how he was going to explain it, because there was no way he was going to tell them the truth. In the end they would make up some story which would follow him around for a few weeks until the next scandalous thing came along to drive him from everyone’s minds.

  “Whoa, what the hell happened to you?” Lee Ling asked.

  Kyle hissed as her fingers grazed the still tender bruise on his throat. “I slipped.” It was as good as answer as any and he hadn’t had time to make anything else up. If anyone asked he was going to stick with he slipped in the shower. That in itself would give them enough fodder for gossip.

  “It looks nasty… maybe you should go let a medic take a look at it.”

  “If I have enough time after breakfast I’ll drop by the infirmary.” Kyle said as he and Lee joined the line in front of the food servery. As per usual the N squad had beaten them and were already seated and eating he let his gaze wander until it landed on Batty. The man was sitting with his back hunched as he ate his food and ignoring the world around him. Just as he was about to break eye contact. Batty slowly lifted his head and his piercing sky blue eyes lock with Kyle’s before dropping back to focus on his plate. In that moment of acknowledgement Kyle couldn’t read his expression, but whatever it was he just knew it wasn’t going to be good.

  “That guy weirds me out.” Lees whispered as she leant in close. “He never seems to talk. I don’t think I’ve ever heard him say anything or even make any sounds at all.”

  Somewhere in the deep recesses of Kyle’s mind he knew that given the opportunity he would recognise the man’s chuckle.

* * * *


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