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Outside the Safety Zone 1: Hiding in Plain Sight (Futuristic)


  I suppose I should start off with the last thing I can remember from my past… it’s complicated, so I won’t go into great details, I’ll just stick to the main facts. Well, here we go.

  I’d been in an on again off again relationship with Jess Campbell for almost three years, when I came home one day to find that he was not alone, no need to say what they were doing, but suffice to say  I well and truly blew my top. I called them every name I could lay my tongue to, and then threw them out. The unit was in my name; Jess was sometimes my live in visitor.

  I stayed in the apartment for three days, I was too ashamed to face the neighbours, whom I was sure heard every little thing that I had said, I wondered how many of them had known about Jess and my best friend Alyson. Not much went unnoticed in our building, they would never come right out and tell me, but they’d whisper behind closed doors and for me that was enough… anyway I digress so I must return to the facts.

  For three days I had wallowed in my own pain at how I could have been so blind, but I had put the three days to good use, I had rid the apartment of anything that would remind me of Jess. I boxed it all up neatly to have it returned to him. The only thing I destroyed were the pictures featuring the both of us, the rest I gave to him. I gave him anything we had brought together only keeping what I knew was mine. It all fit into five boxes.

  The funny thing is while I packed those boxes I thought it was strange, almost sad that after three years that’s all we had gotten together. Our lives together fit into five boxes. I felt a great weight lift off my shoulders during the packing. This was the first time I had ever packed up his stuff, and I knew it was the right thing for me to do, I felt free.

  The hardest part was picking up the phone to call him, having to hear his voice. I breathed a sigh of relief when his brother Conner answered. I explained how I wanted Jess’s stuff gone, and he agreed to come straight around and pick it up. I’d never liked Conner, not even as a friend, and as uncomfortable as I was in having to be under his questioning and mocking gaze, I was grateful that I didn’t have to face Jess and the humiliation he would make me feel… or he would smile that smile and my knees would go weak and I would give in just like I always did. You think I don’t know I’m a fool where Jess is concerned. I loved him, but we won’t go into that bit of insanity.

  I’d just made a coffee when a knock came at the door, it couldn’t be Conner already he was still at least twenty minutes away. My heart all but stopped when I looked through the spy hole and saw Jess’s smiling face. Damn, it looked as though I was going to face him after all.

  “Hello Jess.” It was the only thing I could think of to say. I never even got the ess out before I was knocked flat on the floor. Not by Jess, he’d never hit me, he didn’t believe in hitting people. So he had his friends do it for him. Alyson, my supposedly best friend’s foot caught me just below the rib cage but I managed to roll with the kick.

  My mouth was bleeding as I looked up at Jess who was calmly sitting on the couch watching as his friends beat me to death. His smile faltered momentarily as I pushed myself up enough to stand. There were three of them Alyson, and two guys I’d never seen before. I don’t mind telling you I was scared shitless. I knew I wasn’t going to make it out alive. This had always been my worst fear a slow and painful death and Jess knew it.

  I couldn’t even comprehend what Alyson was screaming at me because my attention was focused solely on Jess and his smile. The two guys hit me from either side and I felt my legs break, I had never felt such excruciating pain before in my life. At that point in time I was willing myself to die as they rained blow after blow upon me, and that’s where my memory stops.


  That was almost a year and a half ago now… to be precise it was fifteen months, eleven days, six hours, four minutes and the seconds keep ticking by. I only found out two hours ago I was still alive. I woke up here in the hospice and they called me Mr. Campbell. I nearly had heart failure as I saw the silver ring on my hand, Jess immediately sprang to mind and I’m ashamed to admit I threw up at the whole idea. The thought of Jess being anywhere near me was enough to make me fall apart. That smile… the smile I’d always loved, now filled me with insurmountable amounts of terror. But it turns out my fear wasn’t warranted when the nurses were leaving my room I heard them mention Conner.

  My mind raced. Is this some cruel joke, some sort of twisted revenge for all the times I’d always ignored him completely. I didn’t know for sure, but I was going to find out. They told me my husband would be arriving shortly.

  By the way did I mention that the year is now 4320 and my name is Logan Doyle. I suppose that would be Logan Campbell now, and I am twenty one years old, though I must have missed my last two birthdays. Not that it matters.

  I should also tell you a bit about our world and our way of life. There’s not much to tell really. Basically the world has changed, there really isn’t any system to things. We seemed to have depopulated, and nobody really knows why or how, all they know for sure is over the last twenty years the earth just shed itself of about three quarters of each species. Now those who survived are gathering together all set on making the same damn mistakes that brought this down on us in the first place

  This is where my story begins and my life becomes complicated.

  Very complicated…



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