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What The Hell Was I Supposed To Do (Contemporary)

Chapter One

  “What the hell am I supposed to do?” Austin growled out loud into the night. How the hell did he get himself mixed up in this shit? Moving to America to get away from the bad influences in his life was supposed to be a good thing. And now, here he was handcuffed in a gazebo with his jeans down around his ankles. Beau and Charlie were dead meat when he finally got free – he was going to kick both his cousin’s arses.

  At twenty one years of age he was tired of playing nice. Nice got you know where – except for your family chaining you to a Goddamn gazebo in a park in the middle of God knows where. Tomorrow was the 4th of July and they had told him how come sunrise the nice folks of Crater Falls would be arriving to get there celebrating on. Austin just couldn’t believe they had left him here. They had just walked away laughing.

  The moment he saw the flash lights he knew he was in trouble. What if these people weren’t friendly? How was he supposed to defend himself when he was chained like he was? How embarrassing was it to get busted with your cock swinging free and easy in front of complete strangers? Panic set in with his next thought, what if the person approaching wasn’t friendly? He could end up raped or worse – he could wind up dead. Tears prickled at his eyes but he would not let them fall. There was no way in hell he was going to face this crying like a baby.

  The men stopped a few feet away and pointed their torch beams at him. “Well what do we have here?” One asked – Austin could hear the laughter in his voice.

  “Don’t tease him, Vince.” The second guy hit the Vince on the shoulder, “Son, your aunty rang to let us know what happened. Asked us to come and set you free.”

  Staring in mortification at the two men who stepped closer and he got his first good look at them. Vince was an older man with greying hair at the sides, his eyes twinkled with mirth at the predicament that Austin had found himself in. “Their Daddy did the same thing to me when we were kids, but I had no one to come set me free. There I was in all my naked glory tied to a light post when Crater Falls woke up. Still haven’t lived it down thirty years later. If Mac was still alive he would be proud as a pig in shit that the boys had taken after him.”

  The guy, who wasn’t Vince, was drop dead gorgeous. With the lightest blue eyes he had ever seen. Even in the dark they stood out pale – man he would love to see them in the light of day. Then again if they arrested and locked him for indecent exposure he would get to see them. Heat flooded his body as his errant cock started to fill at the sight before him. Fuck! Couldn’t the be-all-and-end-all open up the ground and swallow him – talk about embarrassing.

  As soon as his hands were free Austin reached down and pulled up his pants. Covering his erection before it got any more noticible.

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