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Preternatural High 1: Welcome To My World (YA)

Chapter One

  What the hell was I thinking? I knew the rules and restrictions placed upon my kind. I wasn’t an idiot, and yet, I broken them anyway. Dad was so going to kick my arse to hell and back on this one. No matter how good my intentions were I was going to pay anyway. Sometimes my life had a tendency to suck—badly. Tommy shook his head to clear it as he heard his father out in the hall. The man’s anger was crystal clear with every word he spoke

  The Principal, Mr. Belrieve sat behind his desk and smiled coldly in his direction. The man had always had it in for him, and Tommy had never been able to work out why. No matter how hard he tried in school the man seemed to take great enjoyment in belittling him in front of the other faculty members and students. Tommy was pretty sure the only reason the principal was giving him an earful right now was because there were currently two policemen sitting in the room with them.

  A knock sounded on the office door a second before it was opened and Mrs. Clarke led his father into the room. He hated seeing the disappointment in his father’s eyes and knowing he was the one who put it there.

  “What’s going on? His father asked as soon as the door closed again. The presence of the police couldn’t be comforting.

  Principal Belrieve cleared his throat and then smiled smugly at his father. “Well, David, Tommy is being expelled for the unprovoked and brutal beating of another student. The officers here will be able to fill you in on what further charges will be laid against your son. As you know this school has a zero tolerance policy on fighting. There are several witnesses who have placed the blame squarely on your son’s shoulders.”

  Tommy snorted, this was so bogus. The principal hadn’t even attempted to listen to his side of things. He’d just declared him guilty and called the police and his father.

  His father took the seat beside him and turned to face him. Tommy couldn’t read his face. “What do you have to say, Tommy?”

  “There is nothing else to add.” Principal Belrieve snapped before Tommy even had time to form words. “He’ll lie through his teeth to get himself out of trouble.”

  He smiled when his father locked gazes with the principal. “I’ve heard what you’ve had to say, Troy. Now I’d like to hear my son’s version of what happened today.”

  The principal went to snarl something back when one of the police officers leant forward and spoke calmly. “I’d also like to hear this young man’s recollection of what occurred. Since we’ve been here you haven’t let him say one word, and enquiring minds have to wonder what you’re not letting us hear.”

  “Son?” His father asked.

  This was his chance. For better or worse he was going to get to explain and see where the cards fell. He just hoped they believed him. He already knew principal Belrieve wouldn’t. Tommy took a deep calming breath and began.

  “Okay, so the bell had just rung for the end of class and I was busting to get to the loo. When I had finished and was heading out to eat lunch with Jesse and Marc there was a fight going on outside the toilet block. There was a huge crowd, seriously I have no idea how they all got there so fast. Anyway, I had to push my way through to see what was going on. When I got to the middle I found Trevor and his buddies beating up Alice.” He frowned, “I had to step in because it wasn’t fair odds. Four on one was just wrong. I mean, four on two wasn’t much better but someone had to have Alice’s back.” He smiled and winced as his split lip reopened. “I didn’t start the fight, but I sure as hell finished it.”

  His left eye was rapidly swelling shut and his jaw ached like a bitch but deep down Tommy knew he’d do the same thing in a heartbeat if he came across the same situation. Because what Trevor and his friends had done was wrong, and everyone knew it.

  A frown formed around his father’s eyes at the same time his lips pressed together in an angry line. “Are you telling me you got expelled for defending this girl?” His father turned and glared at the Principal. “Tell me, Troy. What’s going to happen to the other four boys involved in this fight?”

  “The other students have all said it was Tommy who did the beating, Trevor, Jimmy, Andy, and Mike were only trying to get your son to stop.”

  “What does this girl have to say? Can’t she tell you who her attackers were, or are you just going to railroad my son out of the school?”

  “Dad, Alice isn’t a girl. His name is Alistair Greene. Everyone calls him Alice, because the rumour is that he’s gay. I don’t know if that’s true or not. He seems like a nice guy to me, but some people.”

  “Tommy!” his father said his name abruptly and Tommy realised he had been rambling again. “Stick to the facts, son.”

  “Sorry, Dad. The thing is, by the time I joined the fight Alice was already on the ground and the others were sinking their boots in.”

  “What happened after the fight?”

  “I don’t really know about anyone else, but Principal Belrieve dragged me in here. I don’t think he even talked to the others. He just told me I was a bad seed and was always going to be a bad seed like the rest of my fucked-up family. Then he told me I was going to be expelled. That’s when he called the police and you. I heard Mrs. Clarke say an ambulance had come and taken Alice to the hospital. He was hurt pretty badly. No one here will tell me how he is.” Tommy felt guilty that he hadn’t gotten there sooner to save Alice from getting hurt.

  After he had finished relaying his side of events, Tommy sat back and listened half-heartedly to the conversation around him and allowed his thoughts to wander. He hadn’t meant to even get involved in the fight because wolf involvement in any altercations was dealt with swiftly and harshly. They were, and had always been classed as one of the most dangerous of all the species attending the school. Just because he was stronger than most people didn’t mean he was an arsehole who picked on the other students. Mainly he kept to his own little pack—a pack where Jesse McKenzie was there informal alpha. He never let them get too carried away, Jesse always kept them towing the line. Tommy threw a quick glance in the principal’s direction and was shocked to see the pure hatred aimed at his father.

  “How can you expel my son and not even reprimand the other boys involved? If you go through with this then I’ll be forced to go over your head. If you punish my son unjustly I’ll do everything in my power to make sure you no longer hold your position as principal of this school. As far as I can see you are taking your dislike of me and using it against my son. It’s not Tommy’s fault that Leah chose me over you.”

  The tension in the room skyrocketed as the principal stood and slammed both hands palm down on his desk as he leant toward his father and snarled. “You stole my fiancée.”

  Whoa! His mum had once been engaged to his principal. No wonder the guy couldn’t stand the sight of him. Though, he was even more shocked when his father retorted.

  “Leah was my mate. It wasn’t my fault the bond between us formed so strongly. It was your stupid jealousy and anger that pushed her into my arms. I loved her so damn much and then your drunken arse took her away from me when you ran the red light and ploughed into the side of my car. I lost my mate and all you got was a slap on the wrist for being a naughty boy.”

  Both policemen jumped to their feet and separated the two arguing men when it looked like blows would be traded and blood might be shed.

  “The expulsion stands.” Principal Belrieve stated when he finally got himself under control.

  “Then kiss your job goodbye, Troy.” His father turned, the fury was still clearly written on his face. “Get your stuff together. We’re going home. I’ve got some phone calls to make.”

  “I won’t lose my job, there are witnesses to the brutality your son dealt out.” The principal sneered.

  As they reached the office door his father pulled him to a stop and turned once more to face the school principal. “Well, we’ll see what this Alistair has to say about what happened. Don’t get too comfortable in that seat of yours, because I doubt if it’ll be yours for much longer.”

  As they left and made their way out of the building Tommy could still hear the principal cursing behind them. None of the ladies who worked in the office looked their way. Even though they didn’t, Tommy knew not all of them agreed with how things panned out. They knew the truth about what had happened. By the time they reached the car the police had caught up with them Officer Sanderson handed his father a business card and said they would be in touch after they were able to talk to Alice.

* * * *

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