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S.P.A.M. Inc. 1: Claiming Roxy’s Heart (Preternatural)

Chapter One

  “Shan, how about we have ourselves a little bit of fun?”

  “What would ye be having in mind, Seamus? What sort of fun are ye talking about?”

  Shanahan waved his hand over his empty glass and smiled as it refilled. Being a Leprechaun totally kicked ass sometimes. No walking to the bar for Seamus and him. He smiled as the coinage disappeared from the table and the barman nodded in their direction.

  “Well since we’ve been so good for a long time, the council has bound to have forgotten the last kafuffle we caused. I am sure even Fate has forgiven us by now. I was t`inking maybe we should share some of our good fortune with the wonderful people of our new home.” He gestured to the crowded Nightclub. Club Creation was fast becoming the place to be seen… OR, not to be seen when you were still in hiding from certain people among the uppity-ups of the spirit realm.

  “And what good fortune would that be?” Shanahan burped loudly, and proceeded to giggle like a drunken school girl. Alcohol worked twice as fast on a Leprechaun so it didn’t take much to get them drunk.

  “I be t`inking maybe we should share the love. Can’t you just taste the lack of love in the room?” Seamus held his arms out wide. “I be t`inking maybe we each pick someone who looks like they need love – or – looks like they could use a change.”

  “Bloody hell, Seamus – that be a fecking brilliant idea. Let’s go and pick poor sods to share our gift with.” He grinned as he jumped up and walked into the crowd. Shanahan couldn’t wait to give someone a helping hand. The council would be happy they were helping others and not causing mischief. Fate couldn’t possible get angry at them this time. His grin broadened as he watched Seamus approach the Faerie laddie who looked lost, and in that same instant his gaze landed on just the person he needed to help. The guy was screaming out for him to lend him some power. He was dressed in a three piece suit in the middle of a nightclub filled with all things sparkly. Yes this guy was definitely the one.


  “Oww! What the fuck was that for?” Harlin Edwards rubbed his forehead and glared at the smiling idiot who had just flicked him on the forehead for no reason. What the hell was his problem?

  “I will to you me powers,” the guy before him grinned like a lunatic, and it was a tad creepy.

  “Okay,” Harlin said slowly as he took a step back moving further away from the crazy guy. “Seriously man, you need to leave. You are really, and I mean really, weirding me out right now.” The freakish little man didn’t fit into his sort of normal.

  The guy was dressed in green trousers with a sparkly pale green shirt; even his boots were green. Didn’t this guy even look in the mirror before leaving home? He was taking one step forward for every step back Harlin took. “Do you accept me powers?”

  “Yes! Whatever! If it will get you the hell away from me, I’ll take the damn power.” Harlin was not one for panicking, but this was even a little too much for him to handle.

  “You must say me name. You must agree, and use me name.”

  “I don’t fucking know your name. You just assaulted me for no reason.” Harlin glared again.

  Laughter so musical fell from the guys lips; it almost sounded like the tinkling of hundreds of little bells. “Oh, for sure, I be forgetting the most very important thing. Me name is Shanahan Doherty. What be your name Laddie?”

   “Harlin Edwards,” Harlin answered without thinking.

  “Harlin Edwards, I will to you me powers?” Shanahan smiled so sweetly and for a moment it blanked out Harlin’s ability to think clearly. Because, if he had been thinking there would be no way he would have agreed to what was about to happen. His life was full of order. He, Harlin Edwards IV, owner of Edwards Industries was always organised. He would never sign up for the chaos which was about to invade his life and change his future forever.

  “Yes, Shanahan Doherty.” Harlin stared at the strange but compelling man as he stood there rolling his eyes and making the world wide gesture for ‘and’. “I… accept… your… power?” It came out more as a question rather than an answer.

  Shanahan jumped around as if he was doing some sort of Irish jig, and Harlin just wanted to get the hell out of there. He turned just as a purple blur tore across the room and launched himself into Harlin’s arms. Harlin stumbled as the smaller man wrapped his arms and legs tightly around Harlin’s body.

  “Just pretend we’re lovers, and you’re madly in love with me.” The little man said in between laying soft kisses over Harlin’s face. Harlin knew he was Fae by the gothic attire he was wearing, seriously though he was having trouble thinking of anything as the man’s moth worked its magic across his skin. A moan fell from his lips as he tilted his head back allowing the little man better access.

  “Why am I pretending to be in love with you?” Harlin asked as he noticed the man in green was still dancing as he melted into the crowd. ‘Tonight must be the night for the crazies to come out,’ Harlin thought as the man in his arms nuzzled his face into his neck. A shiver ran through his body as the man’s tongue tasted his throat. In all reality the man smelt wonderful – he smelt like home – especially when his mother had been alive and the house was always filled with the most delicious mouth-watering scents.

  The little man in his arms sighed as he tangled his hand further into Harlin’s hair messing it all up, and for some strange reason Harlin didn’t seem to mind. “Mother’s spies are here. They pretend to be my friends, but they always report back to her on everything I do.” Sighing, Roxy untangled himself and slid down the stranger’s body. “I told them I was meeting you here, and they just laughed at me – kept saying I’m delusional if I thought you would be remotely interested in me.”

  Harlin saw the sadness filling the young man’s face as he went to turn away. There was no denying the man was adorable. Before he stopped himself, Harlin reached out and pulled the man back into his arms. Leaning down he whispered in his ear. “Hi, my name is Harlin Edwards by the way.” He smiled as he felt the smaller man relax against his body. “What’s your name, pretty man?”

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