My Three Year Plan

NJN_Avatar_FbI’ve spent part of the past week coming up a writing plane for the next 3 years that will in effect clean out my WIPS page—all except for some back burner books. This plan allows me time for writing each day and edits as they come in. I plan on writing all these books but I’m in no hurry to submit them I’ll do that as time permits. as I don’t want to be swamped with too many lots of edits at once. I think I could handle one from each publisher at a time.

So I need all of my readers out there to keep leaving me messages to make sure I don’t lose sight of my goal and get sidetracked by life. 2016 was bad for that, and now I’ve moved I’m in for a new start in both life and my writing. There are too many books to list here, but they are all on my WIPS page… if not on this blog than definitely on my blogger one. in the next few months I’ll be updating both my blogs so they are up to date.

Each week (starting tomorrow) I’ll give you a report on how I’m doing.

Catch you tomorrow



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