Unsubmitted Plan


These are the books I have wanted to get written—or—rewritten, because they mean something to me. I’m just hoping that everyone enjoys them as much as I do. It’s so hard trying to figure out which story belongs with which publisher. I only hope that I choose wisely. I’m also hoping I can finally try my hand at writing some more one off books and some young adult books. I’m not sure if I’d be very good at them, but I want to give them a go.

Admetus Gaea 1: The Gaean Prophecy 28/07—24/08

SPAM Inc. 1: Claiming Roxy’s Heart 25/08—21/09

Taking Chances 1: Lie to Me 22/09—19/10

Quaide’s Crossing 1: Matthew’s Way 20/10—16/11

Guardians of the Dragon Born 1: Cullen Arianan 17/11—14/12

The Brothers McCrieve 1: Justice 15/12—11/01/18


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