Beta Readers

B - BRYES! I have one who I can’t live without… So I’ve told him he’s not allowed to die—ever.

The best part about my James A is that when I’m supposed to be writing American (which, believe me is sometimes very hard for this Aussie to do.) He tells me the words I should be using. Then if I still don’t get them he’ll explain what they mean.

I sometimes wished the whole world spoke and wrote the exact same way, and then it would make my life so much easier. But alas, I’ve often been told that the world doesn’t revolve around me.

Some authors don’t share everything with the one beta reader, but I do mainly because I have a very hard time finding a beta reader. I’ve had a few over the years. some have just gotten too busy, others just disappear, and are never to be heard from again. But James A has been with me from the very beginning. I even met him on my first trip to the states and we went driving all over the place. It was awesome.

I can’t tell you about other people’s experiences, but I can tell you about my own. Not only does a good beta reader pick up the mistakes. they also help point out any holes in the story line, which gives me a chance to go and tweak things. and they also point out the need for contractions, and if I’ve over used a word.

I’m not a writer that is constantly re reading what’s previously written each day. I usually read through the last two paragraphs to see where I was heading and just let my mind flow. I only re read the whole story during the editing stage, or more so the final read through where I have one last chance to change things.


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