qBsnRNjLIlxv177wu4BWTDh1o1_500Inspiration can come from anywhere. It could be as simple as I’m out and I see someone in the street who catches my eye—it could be the way they’re dressed, their haircut, or an overheard snippet of conversation.

A lot of mine comes from family situations, because seriously my family are funny as shit, or should that be… my family are weird… or just do crazy things that I just have to tell the rest of the world in my own unique way.

Gypsy Marsden (The Lines of Marsden) for example, is a combination of my daughter Emily and her cousin Jared (but let’s not tell him that.) Those of you who have met Emily will know the similarities. Hence the reason she says if she’s in my books, then she deserves to be in every dedication whether she’s a character or not.

Most often than not my Inspiration comes from song lyrics. it might be just the combination of a few words. or a verse might stand out and I think I could write a book along these lines.

Family and friends will often send me some random picture and tell me “this” will make a great character… this building/scene etc needs it’s story told. Like the picture in this post just calls to me and I want to know… Know what they’re thinking? What they’re talking to each other about? Why are they on opposite sides of the fence? What’s going on around themI don’t know who this picture belongs to but to me it’s beautiful.


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