First Edits

B - UDJust finished first edits and I have to say I hate writing blurbs. I suck at them so badly, and I feel so bad at my poor editor who has to read them and try and help me turn them into something that actually makes freaking sense.

but at least now Moon Runners 2: I Won’t Let You Go is back in the hands of Jamie DR for Fireborn Publishing. So until I get them back tomorrow I’m back onto  The Lines of Marsden 4: The Trail of Red Roses for MLRPress.


I’m Back…

open-book-clip-art-1816875Okay, I have been busy as all get go, but nothing of it was to do with writing… I have been dealing with Centrelink they are driving me nuts… well not even them really. it’s more I’ve been running around doing stuff and no department seems to want to talk to any other department… Also still dealing with ATO/Accountants/ High School/ University/ Transport Department…and the list goes on.

Onto writing news…

  1. I’ve just completed the BIF for Wardens of the Guild 1: The Real You, and sent back to Faith BB at Pride… I will share the cover when I can—even I haven’t seen it yet.
  2. Today I’m also doing Galley on The Freedomers 1: Zephania’s Chance. I have to have it done and sent back to Kathy K at Fireborn tomorrow.
  3. I’m still waiting for Galley on Intended Mates 1:  Lay Your Body Down from Kris J/Annette S at MLRPress.

Today I Am…

open-book-clip-art-1816875Today I’m busy as all get go…  This is what I have to do. I need to  write two synopsis for the stories following Wardens of the Guild 1: The Real You. I have to send it back to the wonderful Faith BB at Pride Publishing.

Today I am also filling in the Cover Art Sheet for Intended Mates 1: Lay Your Body Down and get it back to the ever patient Christie N & Laura B at MLRPress.

I have had a few set backs lately as my knew computer laptop the M Key partially fell off and I had to take it back to where I bought it from and get it fixed… Really hard for me when one of my main characters is called Michael Marsden… not to mention everyone else who starts with an M. luckily today all is working well. you never know how much you use a letter until you. Then once that is done I have to play catch up on all the rest of my writing schedule. I will be glad when the kids are back at school and my time is my own.

Update Time

PRIDE_transparent-3-300x143Today I’m working on Pride Publishing books I have to make my wordage quota on The Connelly Chronicles 2: Beautiful Goodbyes (I made myself cry)… and make changes and write up synopsis for the new series… which has had a name change… Day Walkers Guild, has now become Day Wardens (of the Guild)… apparently Day Walkers has been used elsewhere… But honestly, I don’t mind these changes will only make the story better. I need to have both finished by the middle of December.

The Lines Of Marsden 3 & Hidden Hearts 1

(FBP) HH 1 - Harder & Harder To BreatheWell I have just done my first round of edits on HIDDEN HEARTS 1: Harder & Harder To Breathe for Fireborn Publishing as per usual they were mainly punctuation errors. Hopefully one day stuff like that will eventually stick in my brain. Thanks to high heaven I have wonderful editors who are patient with me. I now anxiously await for the next round to come my way. I used to hate doing edits, but weirdly now I find myself enjoying them. I just wished all publishers had the same guidelines.

(MLR) TLOM 3 - You Make Me Die In PiecesI’m still waiting on news about my galley proof from MLRPress for THE LINES OF MARSDEN 3: You Make Me Die In Pieces. I only have 24 days until this is being released. I will hopefully have something this week. I want to have that one last read through to make sure I haven’t made any stupid mistakes. I also strangely enjoy doing this part as well.


B - HHI finally asked Fireborn about my up coming edits as I hadn’t received an as yet for the Hidden Hearts series. I’m hoping to find out soon as the released is scheduled for 2 months time. I’ll keep you updated as soon as I hear what’s going on.

What’s Going On

36764_105130762871417_6990716_nWell for the last two days I have been doing edits on The Lines Of Marsden 3: You Make Me Die In Pieces… Hopefully now they will go out to formatting and galley proofing—ust got an email from Christie N, and yes, we are off to formatting.
I have a touch of insomnia again and the odd moment or two I do sleep. I have had the strangest dreams. So each morning I get up I’ve been writing out notes on my dreams… hence the reason I have pulled Flagstone Creek Pridelands… I have been writing notes all 3 books in the series:
1) Battle Scars
2) Waiting For Superman
3) Liam’s Lullaby
B - NI’ve also been working on other stories as the jump out in my mind. Sadly I probably have 6 stories on the go at the moment It’s more for most of them I have been making notes on where the stories are headed and making sure I have the series notebooks filled in and up to date.
1) The Connelly Chronicles 2: Beautiful Goodbyes
2) The Gaean Prophecy 1: Admetus Gaea
3) The Freedomers 1: Zephaniah’s Chance
4) Flagstone Creek Pridelands 1: Battle Scars
5) Day Walkers 1: Real You
6) Expeimentals 3: Messages From The Dead

The Lines Of Marsden 3: You Make Me Die In Pieces

collectorcard-2.5inx3.5in-h-frontToday I’m doing Line Edits on The Lines Of Marsden 3: You make Me Die In Pieces. there aren’t that many mainly fixing word repartitions on (that, just, & ). I’m hoping to get it done and back to Christie N at MLRPress by tonight.

10247310_1569603066657954_1667610901529016488_nAlso I had to redo the cover art sheets for my Hidden Hearts series at FBP…I had filled in the wrong ones…Typical, I suck at filling in forms. At least now #1: Harder & Harder To Breathe, & #2: One Last Kiss Goodbye is on the table for heading to release. I hope everyone enjoys reading them and those who have have read the original  of #2 like the new version and the changes I made to the storyline.