I’m Back, Finally…


20151022_083954Or━computer, as the case may be…
For the last few months, I’ve had bronchitis that has kicked off my asthma, which I must admit I haven’t suffered from since my early twenties. Apparently, my doctor was worried I was going to develop pneumonia. thankfully I never, and I’m well and truly on the mend. Though, some nights I still have trouble breathing… but that’s okay, because I know I’m getting better every day.

The sad thing is, that after coming back online after so long I realised I missed the passing of a very dear person, who is going to be missed by so many people. He was one of the reasons I actually submitted in the first place. 

On a writing note→ seeing as Moon Runner’s 2: I Won’t Let You Go wasn’t released by January 1st of this year I’m now in the process of getting my rights back from Fireborn Publishing so that I can try and house them elsewhere. It sucks big time, but what else can I do.

I’ve also been in contact with Laura B at MLRPress and let her know what all I have been working on all the synopsis I have long-handed up and have to complete the writing part as most have at least some wordage in them. Plus I want to have The Lines of Marsden 4: The Trail of Red Roses submitted by February 7th.

Plus I have been finishing up some in-depth synopsis for the following titles so that when the time comes up for writing them I know exactly where each chapter needs to be at. The wordage count is the minimum needed for each book.

Synopsis wrote For MLR:
The Lines of Marsden 5: On the 12th Day (50K) Christmas Novella.

The Lines of Marsden 6: And Then You Die (100K) End 1st line.

Experimentals 3: Messages From The Dead (40K)

Lancaster’s Way 3: Pre-loved (40K)

Lancaster’s Way 4: Riding Fences (40K)

Lancaster’s Way 5: A Stuart Family Christmas (40K) Ends Series.

Sons of Evenmore 3: Fear the Scarlet Moon (40K)

Sons of Evenmore 4: Pieces of You (40K)

Sons of Evenmore 5: Always Been Yours (40K)

Sons of Evenmore 6: Touching Shadows (40K) Ends series.

Intended Mates 2: Dancing to the Sounds of Madness (40K)

Toowoomba Boys 4: Securing the Heart (40K)

Synopsis wrote for Pride:
Connelly Chronicles 3: Because of You (100K)

Connelly Chronicles 4: Just good Friends (100K)

Connelly Chronicles 5: Jamie’s Bear (100K)

Connelly Chronicles 6: Millies Gift (100K)

Destiny House 1: Saving Shane (40K)

Destiny House 2: Needing Norman (40K)

Wardens of the Guild 3: Heart Strings (40K)

Wardens of the Guild 4: Gilded Cages (40K)

Other synopsis wrote:
Admetus Gaea 1: The Gaean Prophecy (40K) Re-write 

Brandon’s Briar (40K)

Cotter’s Girls 1: Tash (40K) M/F

Cotter’s Girls 2: Raine (40K) M/F

Mountain Made 1: Mumford (40K)

Mountain Made 2: Jethro (40K)

Mountain Made 3: Fornell (40K)

Skyler’s Voice (40K)

When Things Go Right (40K)

Where Still Waters Flow Deep (40K)

(Yet to be named sci-fi) (40K)


Moon Runners 2

(FBP) MR 2 - I Won't Let You Go

I Won’t Let You Go




With so much going on in the Moon Runner Pack, the need for more enforcers is evident. The call goes out and Marcus Kantry fights for his place amongst the hopefuls, wanting once and for all to put his past behind him and become a productive member of the pack.

Kaleb Danvers is given the task of watching over one of the enforcer teams and it’s just his luck his mate is on his—a mate who makes him frustrated as hell.

Together with their team, Kaleb and Marc need to figure out what the danger is that’s heading their way and just how they’re going to stop it before it lands on the Moon Runners doorstep. Working out this mate thing is difficult enough on its own, but building a relationship while investigating the chaos, rescuing victims, and protecting a special pack member, makes for some pretty interesting—and potentially deadly—times.

Just A Quickie…

open-book-clip-art-1816875I’ve been working on The Lines of Marsden 4: The Trail of Red Roses… and drifting way off track… but what else is new… I seriously have to work out a way to bring the story back around to my desired ending or the next two books won’t make sense.

I’ve also been working on retweaking my story ideas on TASH and turning it into a series… Which I’ll eventually have to come up with a name for… but there’ll be 6 books in all.

I’ve gone through all my back burner books and current WIPS to make sure they are all in order. I even tossed a few to the wayside, because even I didn’t know what the hell I was thinking.

I’m still waiting to hear back about my cover and release date for Moon Runners 2: I Won’t Let You Go.

My BooksThis is what I’ve been up to for the last couple of days Some of it has even been to do with writing… Go Me!

  1. Fixing up my gardens yet again—I’m not going to say the dynamic duo of Oliver & Robson ran amok and knocked it all about again… but I did have to transplant a few things and shift them to safer ground.
  2. I wrote up and now need to type up a new story Idea (NSI) though I’m thinking I might find THE HUNTED and see if I can marry the two together somehow and use it in one of that trilogy.
  3. Emailed Fireborn to see what’s happening about a cover and release date on MOON RUNNERS 2: I Won’t Let You Go… I’ll keep you informed on what I hear back.
  4. Still working on THE LINES OF MARSDEN 4: The Trail of Red Roses... trying to keep myself on track of where I need to be in the storyline.
  5. also getting together everything I need for the next instalments of THE CONNELLY CHRONICLES 3: Because of You… & WARDENS OF THE GUILD 3: Heart Strings.


My BooksI’ve been busy writing down new story ideas. I think my sleep patterns are finally going back to normal and my dreams are giving me a whole bunch of awesome plots that could potentially turn into future books.

In saying that I’ve also been dreaming about my already existing characters and the stories they have to tell so I’m again working on The Lines of Marsden 4: The Trail of Red Roses, as you know and have already plotted out the two books which follow to end off the first line in the series. Book 5: On the 12th Day is the only novella of the series or just over novella length at this stage, but it might change when it comes to actually writing it… and the first line ends with book 6: And then you Die.

I’ve also been busily reworking all my background notes on Outside the Safety Zone 1: Hiding in Plain Sight, and all the books that will follow after. I think people will enjoy this storyline when it finally comes to light.

The hardest one to work on is The Connelly Chronicles 3: Because of You, I’m having a little writer’s block on this one because I know what has to happen. I just can’t figure out how to do it without deviating too far from the path my story needs to be on and still arrive where it has to at the end (if that makes sense). Also, I’m still writing the plots for the last couple of books in the Wardens of the Guild series.

we are still waiting to hear about a release date for Moon Runners 2: I Won’t Let You Go. Next for Fireborn, I’m back onto The Freedomers: Craines Everlasting Faith (M/F) and The Diamond Rose 2: So Pretty on the Outside (M/M).

EIC Edits (Fireborn)

10247310_1569603066657954_1667610901529016488_nI have been working on the EIC edits for Fireborn Publishing on Moon Runners 2: I Won’t Let You Go… I have to do the final read through today before I can send it back to Kathy K.
MY BOOKS: I’ve also still been writing up notes on all the plots for all the stories that I have to write this year. Some are coming to me easy. Others not so much as I can’t remember all the character names which means I have a lot of rereading, and sometimes I really don’t like rereading my own workbecause I always seem to pick up places where I could have made it better, but I never want to be one of those authors that redo their own work and then put it back out for sale. I only plan on doing that for one book and I’m not even sure if  I will for sale it or put it out for free again… but that story is for a later date (Masters of Time 1: Shadows on the Heart).

First Edits

B - UDJust finished first edits and I have to say I hate writing blurbs. I suck at them so badly, and I feel so bad at my poor editor who has to read them and try and help me turn them into something that actually makes freaking sense.

but at least now Moon Runners 2: I Won’t Let You Go is back in the hands of Jamie DR for Fireborn Publishing. So until I get them back tomorrow I’m back onto  The Lines of Marsden 4: The Trail of Red Roses for MLRPress.

One Week In

WU 1My first week of the new year and I never got as much writing done as I would have liked. Life just got in the way.  Or rather, I should say, one little Houdini of a cat named Oliver came to live with us. His penchants for escaping has kept us rather busy in modifying the cat enclosure to make sure it is impossible. I guess I took for granted there would be marked differences between a 17-year-old cat and a 4-year-old cat. At least Oliver and Willow didn’t fight—maybe a little hissing on Willow’s part, but on a whole, they get along.

For those who don’t read my other blog I’m working on THE LINES OF MARSDEN 4: The Trail of Red Roses first up for 2018.

I promise as the year goes on I will get better at my blogging and not be useless like I have been for the last year or two. I’m determined 2018 is my year to get back into the swing of things. here is a list of what I plan on working on this year. I may not get all submitted but I’m aiming for at least 12 of them. to be ready for submission.


  • Hidden Hearts 3: Going by The Book (Travis) (0/40)
  • Moon Runners 3: When the World Stops Shaking (0/40)
  • The Diamond Rose 2: So Pretty on The Outside (5,003/40)
  • The Diamond Rose 3: Sometimes It Hurts (0/40)
  • The Freedomers 2: Craine’s Everlasting Faith (0/40)
  • The Freedomers 3: Drake’s Broken Prophecy (0/40)



  • Experimentals 3: Messages from The Dead (1,509/40)
  • Intended Mates 2: Dancing to The Sounds of Madness (0/40)
  • Lancaster’s Way 3: Pre-Loved (5,052/40)
  • Lancaster’s Way 4: Riding Fences (186/40)
  • Lancaster’s Way 5: A Stuart Family Christmas (0/40)
  • Sons of Evenmore 3: Fear the Scarlet Moon (1,186/40)
  • The Lines of Marsden 4: The Trail of Red Roses (26,003/100)
  • The Lines of Marsden 4.5: On The 12th Day (Asher) (500/40)
  • Toowoomba Boys 4: Securing the Heart (0/40)



  • Destiny House 1: Saving Shane (0/40)
  • Destiny House 2: Needing Norman (0/40)
  • The Connelly Chronicles 3: Because Of You (0/100)
  • Wardens of The Guild 3: Heart Strings (108/40)
  • Wardens of The Guild 4: Gilded Cages (0/40)