Galley Proof


Today I received and will be starting on Galley Proof for Intended Mates 1: Lay Your Body Down, which is part of the Seasons of Murder Anthology… once completed I will send them back to Annette S at MLRPress.


EIC/Galley & Other News

(FBP) HH 2 - One Last Kiss GoodbyeThis morning I did the EIC/Galley on Hidden Hearts 2: One Last Kiss Goodbye… I’m about to do a final read through before I send them back to Kathy K at Fireborn… the release date on  1st January 2016 will be upon us before we know it… I will definitely be writing two more stories in this series #3: Going By The Book, & #4: Couples Cover.

I know I have two books to get done for Fireborn as soon as I start my writing schedule for 2016… the will be Moon Runners 2: I Won’t Let You Go… & The Diamond Rose 2: So Pretty On The Outside.

(TEB) TCC 1 - Family ConnectionsI’m running a little behind on The Connelly Chronicles 2: Beautiful Goodbyes… I have emailed the very forgiving Faith BB and let her  know what was going on—though, I did promise to have it done by the 31st… On a brighter note I did the 1st round edits on Wardens of the Guild 1: The Real You and sent them back to Faith BB… I still have to write up synopsis for the three books to follow.

Next year I have a few things planned for Totally Bound/Pride Publishing… at the moment I’m just trying to sort them all out in my head…just to see if they make sense.

The Lines Of Marsden 3 & Hidden Hearts 1

(FBP) HH 1 - Harder & Harder To BreatheWell I have just done my first round of edits on HIDDEN HEARTS 1: Harder & Harder To Breathe for Fireborn Publishing as per usual they were mainly punctuation errors. Hopefully one day stuff like that will eventually stick in my brain. Thanks to high heaven I have wonderful editors who are patient with me. I now anxiously await for the next round to come my way. I used to hate doing edits, but weirdly now I find myself enjoying them. I just wished all publishers had the same guidelines.

(MLR) TLOM 3 - You Make Me Die In PiecesI’m still waiting on news about my galley proof from MLRPress for THE LINES OF MARSDEN 3: You Make Me Die In Pieces. I only have 24 days until this is being released. I will hopefully have something this week. I want to have that one last read through to make sure I haven’t made any stupid mistakes. I also strangely enjoy doing this part as well.