One Week In

WU 1My first week of the new year and I never got as much writing done as I would have liked. Life just got in the way.  Or rather, I should say, one little Houdini of a cat named Oliver came to live with us. His penchants for escaping has kept us rather busy in modifying the cat enclosure to make sure it is impossible. I guess I took for granted there would be marked differences between a 17-year-old cat and a 4-year-old cat. At least Oliver and Willow didn’t fight—maybe a little hissing on Willow’s part, but on a whole, they get along.

For those who don’t read my other blog I’m working on THE LINES OF MARSDEN 4: The Trail of Red Roses first up for 2018.

I promise as the year goes on I will get better at my blogging and not be useless like I have been for the last year or two. I’m determined 2018 is my year to get back into the swing of things. here is a list of what I plan on working on this year. I may not get all submitted but I’m aiming for at least 12 of them. to be ready for submission.


  • Hidden Hearts 3: Going by The Book (Travis) (0/40)
  • Moon Runners 3: When the World Stops Shaking (0/40)
  • The Diamond Rose 2: So Pretty on The Outside (5,003/40)
  • The Diamond Rose 3: Sometimes It Hurts (0/40)
  • The Freedomers 2: Craine’s Everlasting Faith (0/40)
  • The Freedomers 3: Drake’s Broken Prophecy (0/40)



  • Experimentals 3: Messages from The Dead (1,509/40)
  • Intended Mates 2: Dancing to The Sounds of Madness (0/40)
  • Lancaster’s Way 3: Pre-Loved (5,052/40)
  • Lancaster’s Way 4: Riding Fences (186/40)
  • Lancaster’s Way 5: A Stuart Family Christmas (0/40)
  • Sons of Evenmore 3: Fear the Scarlet Moon (1,186/40)
  • The Lines of Marsden 4: The Trail of Red Roses (26,003/100)
  • The Lines of Marsden 4.5: On The 12th Day (Asher) (500/40)
  • Toowoomba Boys 4: Securing the Heart (0/40)



  • Destiny House 1: Saving Shane (0/40)
  • Destiny House 2: Needing Norman (0/40)
  • The Connelly Chronicles 3: Because Of You (0/100)
  • Wardens of The Guild 3: Heart Strings (108/40)
  • Wardens of The Guild 4: Gilded Cages (0/40)

Quick Update

NJN_Avatar_FbFirstly I just want to apologise that I have been absent for so long. I have had some crap going on in my life that just seemed to take over for a while. I Think most of it has been dealt with but now or will have been by the end of June. So I’m saying that the last half of the years should be better for me writing wise. I should have gotten my shit together and have the time to sit down and devote to my writing again.

I absolutely hate that I haven’t been writing as it’s usually the one thing I do to keep me sane when everything in my life goes to shit and lately that hasn’t been happening… But now I feel like I can finally breath again. I feel like me, which in all honesty I haven’t felt like me in such a long time… But I’m getting there.

I’m not sure what books I’ll be working on, so everyone will just have to bear with me as I try and work my way through them all and get them out to you. I will try and rotate through the three publishers that I have so that all my readers have a chance of their favourite stories getting heard… but feel free to drop me a line and tell me if it’s been yonks since I wrote a particular story and need to hurry the hell up and write the next one in the series. I won’t get offended if you feel the need to give me a good shove in any particular direction.

Saying Sorry…

imagesOkay, I know I’ve been gone for nearly a month, and there’s not much I can say except… SORRY!  I’m hoping things will start to settle down soon for me and things can get back to normal… I’ve just had so much going on in my life that I don’t know where to start…

1) My mild cold turned into full-on bronchitis.

2) My family situation changed…. a lot… and I’m still waiting for my life to get back on track.

3) My brain took a little vacation without me. Vlad says he’s got it secured away somewhere good, and hopefully soon he’ll bring it back in one piece.

4) It’s not just blogging that I’ve been slack on. I haven’t written a word in months. I just had too much to deal with so something had to give… sadly it was my writing.

5) My Ex is here at the moment fixing up some stuff around my house… he’s been here for 2 weeks and has 2 more to go… he’ll always be my dearest friend, but bloody hell he can be annoying… though, I’m very grateful for the jobs he has done for me.

Other than being ill… I just haven’t had the energy to do anything. I have been spring cleaning parts of the house on the days where I feel kind of okay… I’m trying to de clutter, but it’s so hard when Emily is also packing to make her move to Brisbane in November of this year. so my house kind of looks like a war zone at the moment.

As per usual when ill… a whole passel of new story idea’s come to take up residence in my head… when I sort them all out I will start talking about them to you all… maybe you will have ideas on which directions the stories should go.

The weather has been crazy here at the moment… In my neck of the woods we have been having wild wind and in my sister’s place (NE Tasmania) they’ve had heavy rain… 10 inches in 24 hours… so she is trapped on her property as the bridge to town was looking a little worse for wear.

Okay… Now give me 2 more weeks of being a slack arse, and once the ex goes back to New Zealand… and Em is off to Melbourne… I’ll only have Mum at home so I should seriously get back into my writing and get some more stories finished. I’ll also try not to slack off on the blogs as much.

I Admit Defeat

PBWCThis year has been shot to hell for me writing wise… My family life has been turned on its head… and I must admit that for a while I was finding it hard to focus on anything except the disaster in my life at the time. I’ve picked myself up and dusted myself off and I’ve decided that I’ve had enough time to build a bridge and get over it… and now I’m ready to start my life over again… So I’ve deferred the challenge until 2017 where I will have to start from scratch. This year I’ll be flat out completing the books I need to do for my publishers… I apologise for my high expectations and then failing so spectacularly. Hopefully this is the last year I have to deal with all of this crap. Next year going to be a hell of a lot better for me.

Playing Catch Up

(PP) WOTG 1 - The Real YouWell, for the past little bit I have been doing lots of different things…

1) I started Edits  & Final Line Edits for Pride Publishing on Wardens Of The Guild 1:The Real You… They have been both fun and challenging.

2) I have been taking Emily to more Dr Appointments… Nothing to complain about–it’s actually good news for once… After 11 year of living with a blood disorder they are finally at the stage where they can try medications to balance her out.

3) I’ve had a cold… minor I know, but it still factors into how my week has played out.

4) Said cold has forced me to rest so I have been reading… David Eddings: both the Elenium & Tumuli series… I think I would have to say these are my favourite books in the whole world to read.

5) I have been cleaning out the office... Now that Ethan no longer lives with us, and Emily might be moving out in November I want it set out more so that it’s easier for me to lay my hands on different things. even though I don’t really use the office to write in.


Edits & Other Rambling

PRIDE_transparent-3-300x143So, I’m currently doing edits on Wardens of the Guild 1: The Real You

Actually, I’ve done the edits and I’m now backtracking to give some much needed descriptions for people and places, as well as tackling those dreaded over used words… mine seem to change with ever book I write… This time mine are (added – spoke – before – no sooner) along with the ever faithful (smile/grin – just). Somehow I don’t think I’ll never write the perfect manuscript… if I did what would the editors be for? I need Faith BB on this, she points out all the holes that I just don’t see.

How I don’t see the holes I’ll ever know, and why don’t I realise just how many times I use a word before it becomes annoying to the reader? Truthfully, my major problem is I forget the storylines as soon as I write them. But I have to get this lot done and in because Faith BB is also working in the edits for The Connelly Chronicles 2: Beautiful Goodbyes.

The trouble for me with writing is the story in my head needs to get out as fast as possible and usually in my haste I don’t actually think about my phrasing… and I tend to use cliches a lot. I have to try and stop myself from doing this… at the moment while reading whether it be MM, MF, FF if I see a description of something… I have a spare notebook beside me and I re write that snippet in my own words. trying to retrain my brain to not gloss over what I see. I always forget… the reader can’t see inside my head they need to see through my words…

A good example is, and this has nothing to do with my writing… I love reading Diana Gabaldon I love her Outlander series… but after seeing the TV version… that Jamie Fraser and the one inside my head when I read the books are two completely different images. In saying that, I’m now making a conscious effort for my readers to see my characters like I do. I’m also trying to make sure the images on the cover match the characters… it’s so annoying when they don’t.



B - UDI know I have been absent a lot lately. I have been dealing with life in general—I never thought closing a business would take so much work. To make it harder my husband is in New Zealand working, so everything has been dumped in my lap to deal with. The whole thing has put a grinding halt to my writing. I know by the end of the year I will have caught up, but this month and possibly next is up in the air. Hopefully everything will be sorted out soon…

This is what I’m dealing with:

  • Accountants
  • ATO (taxation office)
  • Real estates
  • Old business partners
  • Husband overseas
  • Kids (I love them to death, but some days it feels as if they are driving me over the edge and into insanity).
  • spring cleaning the house & getting rid of everything I don’t need (or haven’t used in over a year).
  • Replacing ceiling fan in the kitchen that hasn’t worked properly for whole 8 years we have lived in this house, (it should be getting replaced today or tomorrow).

I have managed to:

  • Keep on top of my edits–so all is going well (I think) for: The Freedomers 1: Zephania’s Chance & Intended Mates 1: Lay Your Body Down.
  • I’m still trying to finish The Connelly Chronicles 2: Beautiful Goodbyes

Still waiting to hear about:

  • Wardens of The Guild 1: The Real You

In saying that…I’ve had a ton of new story ideas floating through my brain. I’ll jot them all down and see what pans out from there, when I finally get back to writing full time.

It’s Already Started


I’m already running late… I still have to finish the last book of 2015—The Connelly Chronicles 2: Beautiful Goodbyes for Pride Publishing. so it’s throwing everything out of whack for me… but no fear I will have caught up by the end of January.

My one major goal this years it to write at least 4K per day to keep on top of the PBC (Penny Brandon Challenge). I think it’s very doable… That will mean I will also hopefully be caught up by the end of January, or maybe February.

I think it will run more smoothly once my son has started back to high school (year 10). At the moment he’s working flat out, so my days are constantly interrupted by me having to drive him to and from work.