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Moon Runners 2

10247310_1569603066657954_1667610901529016488_nI Won’t Let You Go… I have pulled apart and reassembled (well, I’m still trying to do that bit). because I had this awesome idea how to make the story better. I’m not sure how well that’s working out for me as yet, but it has given me the working base for book three. well, I think it has, because we all know I have a tendency to change my mind at least a hundred times while I write any story. I hope to have this particular story finished by the end of the weekend. That’s if nothing crops up between now and then to stop me from completing my mission.

I’m still not sure who the next book is about as yet I guess we’ll all find out when I actually start writing the damn thing. But my next for Fireborn will either be book 2 in The Diamond Rose, or book two in The Freedomers.


allthatshiimmers_800Today I finished second edits on Wardens of the Guild 2: All That Shimmers… and got them back to the amazing Rebecca B at pride.

the second time around I only had to address three things which was good… first time around I ended up adding nearly or just over 3K to the story line. and there seemed to be so much red… mainly because of overused words… in this book it was (was/ as he/ just). and the other thing is I forgot descriptions again.

I’ve been told the story is off for final line edits next… wish me luck.

Weekly Report

open-book-clip-art-1816875This week I’ve struggled, and I’m not ashamed to admit it… I got distracted by the cricket… who doesn’t love the cricket.

But I’m happy to announce that I made to the end of the week intact. Okay so here’s where I’m at and where I’ll be heading next… I like this whole having a weekly report as it’s kinda keeping me on track and focused—most of the time.

The Lines of Marsden 4: The Trail of Red Roses is 30/100K

Wardens of the Guild 2: All that Shimmers is completed and will be with the beta reader soon

Moon Runners 2: I Won’t Let You Go is 30/40

Starting on next:

Wardens of the Guild 3: Heart Strings


qBsnRNjLIlxv177wu4BWTDh1o1_500Inspiration can come from anywhere. It could be as simple as I’m out and I see someone in the street who catches my eye—it could be the way they’re dressed, their haircut, or an overheard snippet of conversation.

A lot of mine comes from family situations, because seriously my family are funny as shit, or should that be… my family are weird… or just do crazy things that I just have to tell the rest of the world in my own unique way.

Gypsy Marsden (The Lines of Marsden) for example, is a combination of my daughter Emily and her cousin Jared (but let’s not tell him that.) Those of you who have met Emily will know the similarities. Hence the reason she says if she’s in my books, then she deserves to be in every dedication whether she’s a character or not.

Most often than not my Inspiration comes from song lyrics. it might be just the combination of a few words. or a verse might stand out and I think I could write a book along these lines.

Family and friends will often send me some random picture and tell me “this” will make a great character… this building/scene etc needs it’s story told. Like the picture in this post just calls to me and I want to know… Know what they’re thinking? What they’re talking to each other about? Why are they on opposite sides of the fence? What’s going on around themI don’t know who this picture belongs to but to me it’s beautiful.

Beta Readers

B - BRYES! I have one who I can’t live without… So I’ve told him he’s not allowed to die—ever.

The best part about my James A is that when I’m supposed to be writing American (which, believe me is sometimes very hard for this Aussie to do.) He tells me the words I should be using. Then if I still don’t get them he’ll explain what they mean.

I sometimes wished the whole world spoke and wrote the exact same way, and then it would make my life so much easier. But alas, I’ve often been told that the world doesn’t revolve around me.

Some authors don’t share everything with the one beta reader, but I do mainly because I have a very hard time finding a beta reader. I’ve had a few over the years. some have just gotten too busy, others just disappear, and are never to be heard from again. But James A has been with me from the very beginning. I even met him on my first trip to the states and we went driving all over the place. It was awesome.

I can’t tell you about other people’s experiences, but I can tell you about my own. Not only does a good beta reader pick up the mistakes. they also help point out any holes in the story line, which gives me a chance to go and tweak things. and they also point out the need for contractions, and if I’ve over used a word.

I’m not a writer that is constantly re reading what’s previously written each day. I usually read through the last two paragraphs to see where I was heading and just let my mind flow. I only re read the whole story during the editing stage, or more so the final read through where I have one last chance to change things.

Planning Versus Pantsing

b-rtI so want to be one of those organised writers who can plan everything down to the last detail. Sadly for me that’s never going to happen. I’ve tried, believe me I have. I set out a chapter by chapter point system saying this will happen in this chapter. then by halfway through chapter three my characters have taken over and my straight path becomes a rambling track that has no end in sight.

Yeah, so I’m definitely a panster when it comes to writing. I never quite know what’s going to happen until I sit in front of the computer, or pick up a pen… sometimes I even shock myself. My daughter quite often got random calls going: “You are not going to believe what just happened.” Usually she tells me to bugger off because she’s busy.

maxresdefaultI’m also one of the strange few who cannot listen to music when I write… it distracts me too much. though when I’m not writing there are certain bands/singers who remind me of a character or a story line. For example:

Nickelback—and I automatically want to start writing The Lines of Marsden.

Falling in Reverse—and the Experimental boys are putting their hands up to be written.

David Bowie—and I start thinking about what’s coming next in The Connelly Chronicles…it doesn’t even matter which character.

Bullet For My Valentine—and The Diamond Rose come to mind… always telling me to hurry the hell up and figure out whose story is next.

I also usually have to shut down all social media because if I don’t I’ll get sidetracked. But I think that might be a problem for most writers no matter how famous, or how hard of a worker we are. I guess in the end it’s up to you how seriously you take your own writing career.