1512790_410250012411635_686866485_nThis is the place to ask me all those questions you have ever wanted to. I will try and replay to them all as quickly as possible. If there is anything you want to know about my current books or future releases then this is the place to have your say ~ Even if it’s just to tell me to hurry up and write the damn story. Sometimes even authors need a swift kick up the arse… and just so you know I think all my readers are awesome.


9 thoughts on “ASK ME !

  1. Will we get a new book in the Connelly Chronicles this year? I’m very interested to see where the story might go.

    1. The 2nd book in The Connelly Chronicles will be finished being written this year and will come out in the beginning of next year… I’ve started and restarted the story three times, but I’m determined to get it done.

    1. It will be this year… TLOM 4: The Trail Of Red Roses. I’m also trying to get a Christmas Novella done which will be a kind of a spin off (Asher’s Coven) TLOM 4.5: On The 12th Day

  2. Firstly I would like to say I’m sorry for taking so long to answer you, but I was in the middle of a divorce (court day)… Sadly, I’m not techno savvy enough to figure out how to figure out how to do a news letter to be able to send out to people… I wish I did Know how. I know I’ve been pretty slack so far this year with my blogging but seeing as my separation is now over and done with I should be getting back on track and up to date on both my blogs and back to daily postings of alternating days one each blog.


  3. Holy crap has it been that long… I swear to god my brain shut down. I have pulled it out and put in my must write now pile. I’m actually half way through it… just went through a messy separation and have been getting my life back on track… Not your problem I know… I Have just been writing notes on this series as we speak so I will get this done ASAP and hopefully have it to the Editors in the next couple of months, I still have a month of writing on The Lines of Marsden 4 but I will get this done I promise. Thanks for giving me the wake up call I’ve actually sat down in the last couple of weeks and plotted out the books 3 Pre-loved… 4 Riding Fences… & 5 A Stuart Family Christmas 4 & 5 will be next year stories.

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