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Taking Chances 1: Lie To Me (Contemporary)


  Alec couldn’t stop smirking at the guy sitting across the night club. He just looked so out of place. For some reason he also kind of seemed familiar, but for the life of him he couldn’t work out where from. All he knew for sure is somewhere he’d seen the guy’s face before. As he sat there watching he loved the fact it had taken the poor guy most of the night to work out he was one of the few straight men in the room.

  “You know you’re being mean,” the bartender said as he refilled Alec’s glass. “I can remember when another young pup wandered in, and didn’t know where he was until someone hit on him.”

  Alec chuckled, “That was over a year ago, Darius.”

  “Yeah, but as I recall you still needed somebody to rescue your sweet and extremely straight lily white derriere.” Darius slapped a perfectly manicured hand onto Alec’s arm. “So be nice and go rescue the poor guy before someone else decides to play nice with him.” Darius sighed wistfully as he watched the guy. “That boy is all kinds of yummy.”

  Slipping off his stool Alec waded through the dancers to where the guy sat. He wondered why he hadn’t left after he worked out Flashes was a gay bar, but then again even a year after finding out for himself, he still came here to drink. At least for him the clientele no longer tried to pick him up, they all knew he was Darius’s special friend. Well that, and sometimes he stood in as bouncer and stopped fights from breaking out, which was the role he was playing tonight.

  “Hi,” Alec said with a smile as he slipped into the seat opposite the guy who was probably only a couple of years older than himself. “You do know this is a gay bar, don’t you?” The guy’s eyes nearly bugged out of his head, which only made Alec grin harder. “Are you really sure you want to be here?”

  The guy nodded and Alec shook his head in disbelief. “You don’t look gay; you just haven’t got that vibe about you.”

  “I’m not,” he blurted out, “I just needed a place to hang where my girlfriend wouldn’t think to look for me.”

  Alec held out his hand. “I’m Alec. I’m tonight’s bouncer, and probably the only other straight guy in the club. Why don’t you come and sit with me at the bar. Unless of course you’re into spending the rest of the night getting hit on by every unattached guy.”

  “I’m…” the guy began as he shook Alec’s hand. “Um… I’m Max.”

  “Hi, Max, nice to meet you,” Alec said as he pulled Max to his feet, and led him over to the bar. “You look awful familiar to me. Have we met before? Darius, hit my friend Max here up with a beer. He’s having girl troubles.”

  “Ooh, darlin,’ here you go,” Darius said as he handed over the pot, “tell Aunty Darius all about it.”

  It brought a smile to Max’s face, which in turn made Alec get the warm and fuzzies. The guy Really did have a beautiful smile.

  “Darius’s a good listener,” Alec said quietly, reaching out he patted Max on the arm. “He’s sorted out a few of my troubles for me in the past.”

  Max seemed to think about it for a while as he stared down at the beer in his hands. “My girlfriend, Tia, she keeps,” he ran a hand through his hair, “she’s very…demanding. The problem is I have an ex, with whom I have a child, Lily, she’s three. Tia well she doesn’t want me to have anything to do with Lily or her mum. Rachel and I get on Really well and I can’t get Tia to understand that there is nothing that will get me to turn my back on my family.”

  “Honey, this Tia sounds like trouble. Family always comes first, baby cakes. Isn’t that right, Alec?”

  Alec nodded, there was nothing more important than your family whether they were with you or not. His own daughter, Jeanie was currently residing with her mother. Alec hoped it wouldn’t be that way for much longer as he was close to gaining full custody of his little girl. It wasn’t that Chrissie was a bad mother it was more she cared more about herself than anyone else in the world. The time he had been with Chrissie had been hard, because even back then he had begun to believe he was more attracted to guys than girls. The only good thing to come out of the relationship was Jeanie, and getting to know Gabriel. To be fair Chrissie only started behaving like this when she started dating George, and it had gotten worse since they had married. It had gotten so bad, Gabriel, Chrissies brother had rung and begged Alec to come and pick him up. This was going to give Alec the chance to check out the situation with Jeanie. His thoughts came back to the here and now when Max sighed deeply.

  “That’s not the only problem,” Max sculled his drink and Darius gave him another, “but the other problem is too sick to even think about.”

  “Baby, a problem shared, is a problem halved.” Darius patted Max’s arm.

  “How can I tell my father his sister keeps trying to have sex with me?” Max had already drunk quite a lot, so once he started talking it was like he couldn’t stop. “I’m heading home tomorrow, for the first time in four years. Dad isn’t well, and my brother and sister want me home. Tia’s supposed to be going with me, which isn’t making them happy because they don’t get on with her.”

  “Baby, have you ever thought about cutting her loose and finding someone nice?” Darius asked.

  Max looked so sad. “I tried breaking up with her, but it never went over that well. I also find it hard meeting people, and even harder to trust them,” he sipped his beer.

  Darius flicked on the house lights indicating that it was time to close up shop. “Do you have somewhere to stay tonight?”

  “Yeah, we’re staying in a motel. I wanted to try once again to get free of her but she… she…” his words trailed off in a slur as he laid his head on the bar.

  “Hon,” Darius said to Alec. “You can take off if you want, Mack will be here soon to help lock up. Make sure he gets home, or somewhere he can safely stay the night.”

  “Will do,” Alec said as he led Max outside.

  “Do you live far away?” Max asked. He reached out and the way he cupped Alec’s cheek made him step back before he had a chance to lean into the touch.

  Sometimes being him sucked.

  “I just have a couple of blocks to walk.” The longer he spent in the company of Max the more he wanted.

  “Can I walk you home?” Max asked shyly, and Alec hated himself for agreeing so readily.

  “Sure,” something deep down inside Alec twisted. This was a bad idea. A very bad idea. Because the guy had a girlfriend somewhere waiting for him, even if he didn’t really want her. They walked side by side in silence til they reached his door. “Well this is it. This is where I stay when I’m in town. Normally I live in an apartment behind my parents’ house.” Alec cringed inwardly, why the hell am I over sharing?

  “Can I come in? I don’t want to go back to Tia right now. I don’t want to have another argument.” Alec must have had a strange a look on his face because Max hastily added. “I’m not gay. I promise I won’t try anything.”

  Sighing deeply, Alec pushed the door open and allowed Max to pass him as they entered. Tonight was going to be tough. Especially, because there was only one bed in this place. He watched Max looking around the small Spartan apartment. Everything was all in one room, there was only two other doors besides the one they had entered through, which were a closet and a bathroom.

  “Do you want a coffee or something? I need to have a shower, so if you want anything I’ll have to make it now.”

  Max shook his head, “No, I’m fine,” he sat on the edge of the bed as Alec headed into the bathroom.

   Damn, the moment he stripped off and had the water going a knock sounded on the door.

  “Can I come in? I need to use the bathroom.”

  “The doors unlocked,” he said as he quickly stepped into the stall and shut the screen, and let the heat was down over him. Alec tried not to look through the glass to where Max stood relieving himself.

  Stepping out of the shower and wrapping a towel around his hips he said. “You can have a shower if you want.” He gesture over his shoulder toward the stall before he walked out of the room.

  Alec reluctantly pulled on his jeans to sleep as he hadn’t brought any PJ’s with him. He slipped into bed as he heard the shower, and tried not to think about Max being naked and wet only a few feet away. What the hell am I doing? Man, if Bastian could see me now he’d be laughing his arse off and Willow wouldn’t be much better. He looked toward the bathroom as the door opened.

  Max came out wearing only jeans and climbed into the bed. “I promise I won’t do anything. I just want to sleep.”

  Alec nodded and closed his eyes as he lay on his back in the dark. If he tried hard enough, he could pretend that this was one of Willow’s puppy piles, even if it did only have two puppies. The weird thing was he had only known Bastian and Willow for three and a half years and had become fast friends with the pair. Having best friends was a godsend sometimes. Alec froze when he felt Max’s hand touch his chest.

  “Thank you, Alec.”

  Alec stiffened, “Your welcome, now get some sleep.” He answered as Max rubbed his hand over his chest.

  Alec woke sometime close to dawn to find himself wrapped around Max’s body, and instantly knew Max was also awake. “I’m sorry,” he said as he suddenly rolled away putting some space between them.

  “It felt nice,” was the whispered reply as Max turned on his side to face him. “You made me feel safe, wanted. But just because I liked you holding me, it doesn’t mean I’m gay. Because I’m not,” he said as he moved toward Alec and wrapped his arms around him.

  What the hell is going on?

  Alec didn’t know what to do. How was he supposed to get himself out of this situation? It was only getting worse when Max pulled his face around so they could kiss. Alec inhaled sharply as Max’s tongue invaded his mouth in slow strokes and began exploring, and tasting him. His body shivered as Max’s fingertips ran seductively across his skin, playing with his painfully erect nipples. He fought as his own arms betrayed him and embraced Max, drawing him closer as their kiss deepened, sending jolts of electricity through his body. Man he was so screwed. He had to remember Max wasn’t single—he wasn’t free.

  “I’m not gay,” Max whispered like a mantra as his hands undid Alec’s jeans and pushed them down, “I’m really not.”

  “I know… you’re not gay,” Alec replied nervously as he helped remove his and then Max’s jeans. Tomorrow he was going to hate himself. He really, really was.

  “I just want you to touch me,” Max said shyly.

  He groaned as Alec lightly ran his hands over him as his mouth followed along the same path his hands had just taken.

  “Please,” he thrust his hips off the bed as Alec took him into his mouth. His hand reached out and brushed Alec’s long hair out of the way so he could watch.

  Alec closed his eyes; if he couldn’t see the naked man in his bed then this wasn’t really happening. This was so wrong, and he knew it… not just because they were both straight, but because they both had girlfriends waiting for them to come home… yep, definitely screwed.  He heard Max cry out with his release seconds before Alec tasted the seed that filled his mouth; only then did he let him go.

  Alec looked up to see tears in Max’s eyes. “I’m not gay… but I so want to have sex with you right now.”

  Alec crawled up his body and nodded; he brought their mouths back together before getting up onto his knees.  He inhaled sharply as he felt Max penetrate him with his spit coated fingers; stretching that most private part of him, but soon a warmth spread through him as Max’s hard shaft entered him and satisfied him in ways that no one had before.  “Can I come inside you?”  Max panted, his rhythm becoming erratic as he neared his peak.  “Sweet Jesus,” he cried out as he slammed into Alec over and over.

  They collapsed on the bed in a tangle of arms and legs, and just lay there until Max got himself under control.  “Do you want… do you want to do that to me?”  Max moved toward him when Alec nodded.

  Alec watched as Max lowered his face and went down on him.  Jesus Christ what the hell was he doing; he wanted to push Max away but it just felt so damn good.  He shuddered as Max’s mouth and tongue worked their magic on him.  Max had just cupped his balls when he exploded.  Max’s mouth explored his body on the way back up.  They kissed tenderly before Alec did something that he never thought he would ever do to another guy.

  Alec couldn’t help but look down to where their bodies were connected and it struck him that it looked beautiful.  He stopped and stared.

  “What’s the matter?”  Max looked back over his shoulder, “Just because I’m letting you do this, it doesn’t make me gay”

  Alec looked at him in confusion before closing his own eyes as he started moving again.  “It might not mean you’re gay, but I think it does for me,” his heart was pounding in time to the sound of their flesh slapping together, echoed by Max’s soft sounds of pleasure.  He had never felt this way before.  When he was with Mel, it was always nice, but this was… was… he lost his thought pattern as he fell over the edge into his desire.  His cock still buried balls deep inside another guys arse.

  Alec moved them so they were lying on the bed spooning; they didn’t speak as they drifted back into sleep.

  Alec woke to the sound of his door closing and knew that Max had gone.  Part of his heart cried out that something so beautiful had just walked out of his life.  Regretfully he pushed himself up and got ready to go home.

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Preternatural High 1: Welcome To My World (YA)

Chapter One

  What the hell was I thinking? I knew the rules and restrictions placed upon my kind. I wasn’t an idiot, and yet, I broken them anyway. Dad was so going to kick my arse to hell and back on this one. No matter how good my intentions were I was going to pay anyway. Sometimes my life had a tendency to suck—badly. Tommy shook his head to clear it as he heard his father out in the hall. The man’s anger was crystal clear with every word he spoke

  The Principal, Mr. Belrieve sat behind his desk and smiled coldly in his direction. The man had always had it in for him, and Tommy had never been able to work out why. No matter how hard he tried in school the man seemed to take great enjoyment in belittling him in front of the other faculty members and students. Tommy was pretty sure the only reason the principal was giving him an earful right now was because there were currently two policemen sitting in the room with them.

  A knock sounded on the office door a second before it was opened and Mrs. Clarke led his father into the room. He hated seeing the disappointment in his father’s eyes and knowing he was the one who put it there.

  “What’s going on? His father asked as soon as the door closed again. The presence of the police couldn’t be comforting.

  Principal Belrieve cleared his throat and then smiled smugly at his father. “Well, David, Tommy is being expelled for the unprovoked and brutal beating of another student. The officers here will be able to fill you in on what further charges will be laid against your son. As you know this school has a zero tolerance policy on fighting. There are several witnesses who have placed the blame squarely on your son’s shoulders.”

  Tommy snorted, this was so bogus. The principal hadn’t even attempted to listen to his side of things. He’d just declared him guilty and called the police and his father.

  His father took the seat beside him and turned to face him. Tommy couldn’t read his face. “What do you have to say, Tommy?”

  “There is nothing else to add.” Principal Belrieve snapped before Tommy even had time to form words. “He’ll lie through his teeth to get himself out of trouble.”

  He smiled when his father locked gazes with the principal. “I’ve heard what you’ve had to say, Troy. Now I’d like to hear my son’s version of what happened today.”

  The principal went to snarl something back when one of the police officers leant forward and spoke calmly. “I’d also like to hear this young man’s recollection of what occurred. Since we’ve been here you haven’t let him say one word, and enquiring minds have to wonder what you’re not letting us hear.”

  “Son?” His father asked.

  This was his chance. For better or worse he was going to get to explain and see where the cards fell. He just hoped they believed him. He already knew principal Belrieve wouldn’t. Tommy took a deep calming breath and began.

  “Okay, so the bell had just rung for the end of class and I was busting to get to the loo. When I had finished and was heading out to eat lunch with Jesse and Marc there was a fight going on outside the toilet block. There was a huge crowd, seriously I have no idea how they all got there so fast. Anyway, I had to push my way through to see what was going on. When I got to the middle I found Trevor and his buddies beating up Alice.” He frowned, “I had to step in because it wasn’t fair odds. Four on one was just wrong. I mean, four on two wasn’t much better but someone had to have Alice’s back.” He smiled and winced as his split lip reopened. “I didn’t start the fight, but I sure as hell finished it.”

  His left eye was rapidly swelling shut and his jaw ached like a bitch but deep down Tommy knew he’d do the same thing in a heartbeat if he came across the same situation. Because what Trevor and his friends had done was wrong, and everyone knew it.

  A frown formed around his father’s eyes at the same time his lips pressed together in an angry line. “Are you telling me you got expelled for defending this girl?” His father turned and glared at the Principal. “Tell me, Troy. What’s going to happen to the other four boys involved in this fight?”

  “The other students have all said it was Tommy who did the beating, Trevor, Jimmy, Andy, and Mike were only trying to get your son to stop.”

  “What does this girl have to say? Can’t she tell you who her attackers were, or are you just going to railroad my son out of the school?”

  “Dad, Alice isn’t a girl. His name is Alistair Greene. Everyone calls him Alice, because the rumour is that he’s gay. I don’t know if that’s true or not. He seems like a nice guy to me, but some people.”

  “Tommy!” his father said his name abruptly and Tommy realised he had been rambling again. “Stick to the facts, son.”

  “Sorry, Dad. The thing is, by the time I joined the fight Alice was already on the ground and the others were sinking their boots in.”

  “What happened after the fight?”

  “I don’t really know about anyone else, but Principal Belrieve dragged me in here. I don’t think he even talked to the others. He just told me I was a bad seed and was always going to be a bad seed like the rest of my fucked-up family. Then he told me I was going to be expelled. That’s when he called the police and you. I heard Mrs. Clarke say an ambulance had come and taken Alice to the hospital. He was hurt pretty badly. No one here will tell me how he is.” Tommy felt guilty that he hadn’t gotten there sooner to save Alice from getting hurt.

  After he had finished relaying his side of events, Tommy sat back and listened half-heartedly to the conversation around him and allowed his thoughts to wander. He hadn’t meant to even get involved in the fight because wolf involvement in any altercations was dealt with swiftly and harshly. They were, and had always been classed as one of the most dangerous of all the species attending the school. Just because he was stronger than most people didn’t mean he was an arsehole who picked on the other students. Mainly he kept to his own little pack—a pack where Jesse McKenzie was there informal alpha. He never let them get too carried away, Jesse always kept them towing the line. Tommy threw a quick glance in the principal’s direction and was shocked to see the pure hatred aimed at his father.

  “How can you expel my son and not even reprimand the other boys involved? If you go through with this then I’ll be forced to go over your head. If you punish my son unjustly I’ll do everything in my power to make sure you no longer hold your position as principal of this school. As far as I can see you are taking your dislike of me and using it against my son. It’s not Tommy’s fault that Leah chose me over you.”

  The tension in the room skyrocketed as the principal stood and slammed both hands palm down on his desk as he leant toward his father and snarled. “You stole my fiancée.”

  Whoa! His mum had once been engaged to his principal. No wonder the guy couldn’t stand the sight of him. Though, he was even more shocked when his father retorted.

  “Leah was my mate. It wasn’t my fault the bond between us formed so strongly. It was your stupid jealousy and anger that pushed her into my arms. I loved her so damn much and then your drunken arse took her away from me when you ran the red light and ploughed into the side of my car. I lost my mate and all you got was a slap on the wrist for being a naughty boy.”

  Both policemen jumped to their feet and separated the two arguing men when it looked like blows would be traded and blood might be shed.

  “The expulsion stands.” Principal Belrieve stated when he finally got himself under control.

  “Then kiss your job goodbye, Troy.” His father turned, the fury was still clearly written on his face. “Get your stuff together. We’re going home. I’ve got some phone calls to make.”

  “I won’t lose my job, there are witnesses to the brutality your son dealt out.” The principal sneered.

  As they reached the office door his father pulled him to a stop and turned once more to face the school principal. “Well, we’ll see what this Alistair has to say about what happened. Don’t get too comfortable in that seat of yours, because I doubt if it’ll be yours for much longer.”

  As they left and made their way out of the building Tommy could still hear the principal cursing behind them. None of the ladies who worked in the office looked their way. Even though they didn’t, Tommy knew not all of them agreed with how things panned out. They knew the truth about what had happened. By the time they reached the car the police had caught up with them Officer Sanderson handed his father a business card and said they would be in touch after they were able to talk to Alice.

* * * *

I Totally Blew It…

crest-05e1a637392425b4d5225780797e5a76NaNoWriMo: Day 23 and I haven’t written a bloody word… and have no hope in hell of catching up. Real life just got in the way. Everything seems to be happening at once… Daughter moving to Brisbane… I’m moving and have to be out within the next 3 weeks (I think I told you my house sold)… Doing renovations with my brother at the new place and unpacking what I can there before the furniture arrives. I promise next year I will be back to writing like I usually am. This year has just been chaotic madness. 2017 has got to be better than 2016.

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What The Hell Was I Supposed To Do (Contemporary)

Chapter One

  “What the hell am I supposed to do?” Austin growled out loud into the night. How the hell did he get himself mixed up in this shit? Moving to America to get away from the bad influences in his life was supposed to be a good thing. And now, here he was handcuffed in a gazebo with his jeans down around his ankles. Beau and Charlie were dead meat when he finally got free – he was going to kick both his cousin’s arses.

  At twenty one years of age he was tired of playing nice. Nice got you know where – except for your family chaining you to a Goddamn gazebo in a park in the middle of God knows where. Tomorrow was the 4th of July and they had told him how come sunrise the nice folks of Crater Falls would be arriving to get there celebrating on. Austin just couldn’t believe they had left him here. They had just walked away laughing.

  The moment he saw the flash lights he knew he was in trouble. What if these people weren’t friendly? How was he supposed to defend himself when he was chained like he was? How embarrassing was it to get busted with your cock swinging free and easy in front of complete strangers? Panic set in with his next thought, what if the person approaching wasn’t friendly? He could end up raped or worse – he could wind up dead. Tears prickled at his eyes but he would not let them fall. There was no way in hell he was going to face this crying like a baby.

  The men stopped a few feet away and pointed their torch beams at him. “Well what do we have here?” One asked – Austin could hear the laughter in his voice.

  “Don’t tease him, Vince.” The second guy hit the Vince on the shoulder, “Son, your aunty rang to let us know what happened. Asked us to come and set you free.”

  Staring in mortification at the two men who stepped closer and he got his first good look at them. Vince was an older man with greying hair at the sides, his eyes twinkled with mirth at the predicament that Austin had found himself in. “Their Daddy did the same thing to me when we were kids, but I had no one to come set me free. There I was in all my naked glory tied to a light post when Crater Falls woke up. Still haven’t lived it down thirty years later. If Mac was still alive he would be proud as a pig in shit that the boys had taken after him.”

  The guy, who wasn’t Vince, was drop dead gorgeous. With the lightest blue eyes he had ever seen. Even in the dark they stood out pale – man he would love to see them in the light of day. Then again if they arrested and locked him for indecent exposure he would get to see them. Heat flooded his body as his errant cock started to fill at the sight before him. Fuck! Couldn’t the be-all-and-end-all open up the ground and swallow him – talk about embarrassing.

  As soon as his hands were free Austin reached down and pulled up his pants. Covering his erection before it got any more noticible.

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Right Here Waiting (Urban Fantasy)


  Have you ever woken up and thought where the hell am I? I seem to be doing that a lot lately .I wake up and look around me only to have no clue how I got here, or how to find my way back to where I started from. Then there are the days like right now when I actually believe it may be better if I gave up the fight and let the other side win. I just wish I knew who the hell the other side was.

  Julian McKenna rested his head back against the dirty wall where he sat. His body still trembled from whatever caused him to end up where he was right now. He could have sworn last night he went to sleep in his own bed in Cannon City. For fucks sake, he’d even begged his roommate, Davie to tie him to the fucking thing. As uncomfortable as it was at being restrained he knew deep down when he closed his eyes he’d be safe, yet when he opened his eyes today he was once again bodily in a place he shouldn’t be. Hell, by looking around at his surroundings Julian wasn’t even completely sure he was even still on Earth. But if he wasn’t on Earth, then where the hell was he?

  The sound of approaching footsteps had Julian instantly on guard his body alert to whoever was heading in his direction. Usually on these little jaunts he never encountered other people so this was all knew to him and was frightening and a little exhilarating if he was being honest. Maybe now he’d finally get some answers about whatever was happening to him. Yet his gut instinct was telling him to tuck tail and run like hell. Screaming at him not to look back, because his brain wasn’t going to be able to handle what was coming after him.

  Pity Julian had never ever listened to reason.

  The fear mechanism in his brain must have been malfunctioning since birth, because when normal people would be running for their lives Julian usually stood his ground and faced everything head on. Whereas Julian thought of it as bravery others proclaimed it was stupidity, and at this moment in time he wasn’t quite sure who was right—today it was looking to be a pretty even race.

  Slowly getting to his feet and making as little noise as possible. Julian pressed his entire body against the grimy wall at his back and waited. With whatever was heading in his direction, he had all intentions of meeting it standing on his feet.

  The footsteps of the unseen being changed slightly, and Julian got the impression maybe they’d just realised they were no longer alone. The strange thing was Julian felt no sense of malice drifting in the atmosphere. Whoever the unseen person was he wasn’t there to harm Julian. Maybe he didn’t know Julian was there at all.

  Julian’s heart rate sped up as a shadow appeared at the corner of the building across from him. Whoever was coming was almost upon him, and now it was too late to run—even if his brain allowed him to do so.

  The being which stepped around the corner wasn’t at all what Julian was expecting. For a moment Julian was dumbfounded as he took in the man from head to toe. His waist length blonde hair fell in a golden shower down his tall and whisper thin body. Skin so pale, yet with just a hint of a golden sheen enthralled Julian enough that he’d taken a step toward the man without a conscious thought in what he was doing. The man’s age was undetermined. His flawless features drew Julian’s gaze to the shocked and the seemingly innocent crystal clear blue eyes before him.

  The man’s clothing was odd and somewhat different from the attire Julian wore. It consisted of tight form fitting trousers and a looser shirt, though the shirt fit snugly around the chest and shoulder’s it fell loosely to mid-thigh, and was the deepest shade of midnight blue, Strangely, it suited the man perfectly. On closer inspection Julian made out the intricate Celtic looking design done is silver thread around the neckline and base of the tunic.

  “You came back to me.” Though shocked at the words Julian found it hard not to note the lyrical tone to the man’s voice. “I never thought my call would be answered.”

  With a trembling hand the beautiful man reached out and cupped Julian’s stubbled cheek. Julian’s eyes fluttered closed at the touch, deep inside something told him this was where he was meant to be—this place felt like home.

  “Where are we? Who are you?” Julian fought to keep his voice strong as he forced his eyes open, and once again locked gazes with the man before him.

  Pain or maybe hurt washed over the man’s face before he finally spoke. “My name is Oleander Marris. I’d almost given up all hope of ever having you by my side. As to where we are, I would only offer this advice. You are where you need to be, and where I’ve always been. Right here waiting…”

  The first thing to flood Julian’s mind was not the fact he still had no clue where he was, but the man standing in front of him was named after a poisonous flowering bush. What kind of parents did that to their child?

  “Oleander, huh? Do you mind if I call you Olli?” He asked casually. Fear spiked through him momentarily when the sense of more people heading their way. “On second thoughts, I think we need to get away from here unless we want more people here with us.”

  The slight widening of Olli’s eyes told Julian the other man hadn’t sensed the approach of yet more people. Shock rocketed through him when Olli grabbed his hand, and threaded their fingers together. Silently he began leading Julian through the narrow and shadow filled streets.

  “Who’s following us, Olli?” Julian asked as he followed as closely and as quickly as he could.

  An unmistakable shudder ran through Olli’s body. “It’s probably the Fearmac and we do not want to be caught by them.”

  “And just who are the Fearmac?” Julian demanded as he pulled Olli to a stop.

  “Your family, and we’ve been running from them for as long as I can remember.”

  With that one small revealing sentence it was like the walls inside his mind came crashing down. Everything that had once been lost was now open for his perusal. The first and clearest thing was his name—Jewelian Fearmac. First born son of Lorkian Fearmac, and heir to the throne of Abidan Kapalli.

  Wherever the hell that was.

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Outside the Safety Zone 1: Hiding in Plain Sight (Futuristic)


  I suppose I should start off with the last thing I can remember from my past… it’s complicated, so I won’t go into great details, I’ll just stick to the main facts. Well, here we go.

  I’d been in an on again off again relationship with Jess Campbell for almost three years, when I came home one day to find that he was not alone, no need to say what they were doing, but suffice to say  I well and truly blew my top. I called them every name I could lay my tongue to, and then threw them out. The unit was in my name; Jess was sometimes my live in visitor.

  I stayed in the apartment for three days, I was too ashamed to face the neighbours, whom I was sure heard every little thing that I had said, I wondered how many of them had known about Jess and my best friend Alyson. Not much went unnoticed in our building, they would never come right out and tell me, but they’d whisper behind closed doors and for me that was enough… anyway I digress so I must return to the facts.

  For three days I had wallowed in my own pain at how I could have been so blind, but I had put the three days to good use, I had rid the apartment of anything that would remind me of Jess. I boxed it all up neatly to have it returned to him. The only thing I destroyed were the pictures featuring the both of us, the rest I gave to him. I gave him anything we had brought together only keeping what I knew was mine. It all fit into five boxes.

  The funny thing is while I packed those boxes I thought it was strange, almost sad that after three years that’s all we had gotten together. Our lives together fit into five boxes. I felt a great weight lift off my shoulders during the packing. This was the first time I had ever packed up his stuff, and I knew it was the right thing for me to do, I felt free.

  The hardest part was picking up the phone to call him, having to hear his voice. I breathed a sigh of relief when his brother Conner answered. I explained how I wanted Jess’s stuff gone, and he agreed to come straight around and pick it up. I’d never liked Conner, not even as a friend, and as uncomfortable as I was in having to be under his questioning and mocking gaze, I was grateful that I didn’t have to face Jess and the humiliation he would make me feel… or he would smile that smile and my knees would go weak and I would give in just like I always did. You think I don’t know I’m a fool where Jess is concerned. I loved him, but we won’t go into that bit of insanity.

  I’d just made a coffee when a knock came at the door, it couldn’t be Conner already he was still at least twenty minutes away. My heart all but stopped when I looked through the spy hole and saw Jess’s smiling face. Damn, it looked as though I was going to face him after all.

  “Hello Jess.” It was the only thing I could think of to say. I never even got the ess out before I was knocked flat on the floor. Not by Jess, he’d never hit me, he didn’t believe in hitting people. So he had his friends do it for him. Alyson, my supposedly best friend’s foot caught me just below the rib cage but I managed to roll with the kick.

  My mouth was bleeding as I looked up at Jess who was calmly sitting on the couch watching as his friends beat me to death. His smile faltered momentarily as I pushed myself up enough to stand. There were three of them Alyson, and two guys I’d never seen before. I don’t mind telling you I was scared shitless. I knew I wasn’t going to make it out alive. This had always been my worst fear a slow and painful death and Jess knew it.

  I couldn’t even comprehend what Alyson was screaming at me because my attention was focused solely on Jess and his smile. The two guys hit me from either side and I felt my legs break, I had never felt such excruciating pain before in my life. At that point in time I was willing myself to die as they rained blow after blow upon me, and that’s where my memory stops.


  That was almost a year and a half ago now… to be precise it was fifteen months, eleven days, six hours, four minutes and the seconds keep ticking by. I only found out two hours ago I was still alive. I woke up here in the hospice and they called me Mr. Campbell. I nearly had heart failure as I saw the silver ring on my hand, Jess immediately sprang to mind and I’m ashamed to admit I threw up at the whole idea. The thought of Jess being anywhere near me was enough to make me fall apart. That smile… the smile I’d always loved, now filled me with insurmountable amounts of terror. But it turns out my fear wasn’t warranted when the nurses were leaving my room I heard them mention Conner.

  My mind raced. Is this some cruel joke, some sort of twisted revenge for all the times I’d always ignored him completely. I didn’t know for sure, but I was going to find out. They told me my husband would be arriving shortly.

  By the way did I mention that the year is now 4320 and my name is Logan Doyle. I suppose that would be Logan Campbell now, and I am twenty one years old, though I must have missed my last two birthdays. Not that it matters.

  I should also tell you a bit about our world and our way of life. There’s not much to tell really. Basically the world has changed, there really isn’t any system to things. We seemed to have depopulated, and nobody really knows why or how, all they know for sure is over the last twenty years the earth just shed itself of about three quarters of each species. Now those who survived are gathering together all set on making the same damn mistakes that brought this down on us in the first place

  This is where my story begins and my life becomes complicated.

  Very complicated…


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SOUL GUARDIANS 1: He Sends Me Pictures In My Dreams (Sci-Fi)

Chapter One

  Fire raced over his skin in the wake of the fingertips trailing over his flesh. Kyle Landers knew this wasn’t real. This was was some kind of hallucinogenic scary-as-fuck dream. There was no way in hell Batty Johnson was now nestled between his thighs, and pinning him to the bed. His body was not reacting to the hot breath which ghosted over his throat moments before those soft lips made contact. What the hell is happening to me? I’m not gay—I’m not.

  Damn it. Kyle found his hands seemed to have a mind of their own as they reached up and skimmed down the Batty’s spine. He moaned as the guy’s hard cock made contact with his own. In a weird way their bodies seemed to fit together perfectly. The slight pressure as Batty began to rub off against him, had Kyle’s legs trembling. Without realising what he was doing he slowly lifted them unit they wrapped around Batty’s waist holding the closer together.

  How had this gone from a nightmare to a sexual fantasy in such a short amount of time? And why in the hell am I even getting off by being this close to another guy? Especially when the man everyone called Batty as in Bat-shit-crazy—Bartholomew Johnson, was the main character in this scene. The guy couldn’t stand Kyle. They’d been stationed together for two years now and not once had the man said one word to Kyle. In fact it was only through others stationed with them he even knew Batty disliked him so much Kyle wasn’t sure if that was true or not and now wasn’t the time to ask. Even now the guy was as silent as ever as he continually sucked on Kyle’s the flesh of Kyle’s throat. If this was really happening he was going to have one hell of a hickey to try and explain away tomorrow.

  A deep sigh fell from his lips as Batty’s dream form quickened the pace. Kyle could quite match Batty’s silent vocals, his own needs pushed so many gasps, grunts and moans out of his body all the while his arms and legs maintained their hold on Batty’s hard body. Part of him took the time to wonder if this was what the man really looked like, or was this little fantasy all an illusion. Either way tonight was probably the most intense foreplay Kyle had ever experienced. None of the women he’d ever been with turned him on as much as he was right now—maybe he just needed to go out and get laid.

  He was so close. The tension in his body was ratcheting up in slow increments until he thought for sure he was going to completely burst into flames. The tingle which had started in the base of his spine was now zipping through him out of control. His fingertips dug into Batty’s back when then next thrust of Batty’s powerful hips sent Kyle careening over the edge into one of the strongest orgasms he had ever had. No sooner had he stopped when he felt Batty’s mouth tighten on his throat as more wet heat flowed between them.

  Closing his eyes Kyle tried to get himself under control. He whimpered at the loss of Batty’s body pressed against his own. His eyes opened to an empty room and the remnants of a deep throated chuckle. With a shaking hand he touched the cum and sweat still clinging to his skin. Getting out of bed he grabbed his towel before heading to the communal showers. Moving into one of the stalls he drew the curtain before he flicked the lever and waited for the spray of water to heat. The liquid soap dispenser attached to the wall at least was full so that was a good thing. With a small dollop of the liquid in his hands Kyle washed away the reminder of what had happened in his dream. Yet strangely his body still reacted to just the memory of what had taken place, and once again he found his raging hard-on standing upright and kissing his abdomen. Using more soap Kyle slicked up his hand and wrapped it around his aching cock. He brought to mind every pretty girl he had ever had ever seen and stroked himself to those images. As much as he wanted to his body wouldn’t come until the female images slipped away to be replaced by the dark looks of the man who had starred in his earlier dream. The moment those startling sky blue eyes appeared in his mind his body gave into the release it had been holding back.

  Leaning his forehead against the cool tile wall of the shower stall. Kyle gasped raggedly as he tried desperately to scrub the whole stupid situation from his mind. Why am I dreaming about a guy who won’t even acknowledge I exist? Taking a few for seconds to reconcile with himself. Kyle reached for more soap to finish his shower it wasn’t until he went to wash away the memory of Batty sucking on his throat that he registered the tenderness.

  Kyle switch off the shower and stumbled out of the stall until he came up against the sinks. Leaning closer to the mirror situated above his eyes widened at the vivid purple bruise already forming on his skin.

  What the Fuck!

  There was no way possible this was real. Quickly wrapping his towel around his hips Kyle made his way back to his room. And climbed back into his bead and prayed like Christ the fact that he could smell someone else on his sheets besides himself was just some huge arse mistake. Tomorrow he’d wake up and all this would’ve been the nightmare it was supposed to be.

* * * *

  Morning came way too soon for Kyle’s taste. He lay in bed just staring up at the drab ceiling over head as he listened to the sounds of the others getting ready to start the day in the Flight Academy. He had given over most of his life studying to get chosen to attend the Isobel Mather Space Academy which was adjoining the Equinox space station on the dark side of the newly found planet Lucky Star 901-90.

  His father hadn’t wanted him to even apply, but there was no way Kyle was willing to stay earthbound and miss the chance to become the pilot he’d always dreamed of being. So in the last months of his schooling Kyle had requested, filled in, and submitted the application to travel to Lucky Star. He was as surprised as anyone when he had been accepted.

  Before he had even left planet side he had attended a three month training session where they tested him both mentally and physically. By the time the departure date had arrived more than half of the people in training had either quit or been dropped. On his flight to the academy there were fifteen remaining out of the forty-four people who had started training with him.

  Kyle had been based in C squad at the academy for the last eleven months, thirteen days, and the seconds kept on ticking. Some more of his training partners had been shipped home due to not holding up under the strain of being in space. Kyle himself relished being here. There wasn’t a day that passed where he wasn’t thankful for getting chosen.

  The dynamics of his new home was at first strange to get used to. He was put in a dorm with eleven other men. All dorms at the academy contained twelve recruits. Usually they didn’t associate with the other barracks. Yet occasionally people would be moved and shifted to a new barrack. The spot they vacated was quickly filled by someone new.

  All meals were eaten in the same room. Every barrack shifts rotated so that each day their squad ate with a different one. Not only ate with them, but they trained alongside the other barracks they shared the mess hall with. Today, just his luck they were sharing with the N squad in which Batty Johnson was a member of. He wondered momentarily if he stayed in bed would anyone miss him. Hell, someone would come and drag his arse out of bed.

  With a groan Kyle stood and pulled on the academy uniform of skin tight black flight gear. Each squad had different coloured stitching which showed where you belonged. If he was ever chosen to leave his squad he’d be moved to the sister academy on the other side of the space station, and be issued with a new uniform. This was all hearsay, the gossip he’d listened to around the academy. So far no one from his squad had been chosen. A few had gone home after washing out, but none had transferred to the other academy.

  As he brushed his hair the bruise on his neck was evident against his pale flesh. He knew as soon as his squad saw it the teasing would start, and he didn’t have a clue how he was going to explain it, because there was no way he was going to tell them the truth. In the end they would make up some story which would follow him around for a few weeks until the next scandalous thing came along to drive him from everyone’s minds.

  “Whoa, what the hell happened to you?” Lee Ling asked.

  Kyle hissed as her fingers grazed the still tender bruise on his throat. “I slipped.” It was as good as answer as any and he hadn’t had time to make anything else up. If anyone asked he was going to stick with he slipped in the shower. That in itself would give them enough fodder for gossip.

  “It looks nasty… maybe you should go let a medic take a look at it.”

  “If I have enough time after breakfast I’ll drop by the infirmary.” Kyle said as he and Lee joined the line in front of the food servery. As per usual the N squad had beaten them and were already seated and eating he let his gaze wander until it landed on Batty. The man was sitting with his back hunched as he ate his food and ignoring the world around him. Just as he was about to break eye contact. Batty slowly lifted his head and his piercing sky blue eyes lock with Kyle’s before dropping back to focus on his plate. In that moment of acknowledgement Kyle couldn’t read his expression, but whatever it was he just knew it wasn’t going to be good.

  “That guy weirds me out.” Lees whispered as she leant in close. “He never seems to talk. I don’t think I’ve ever heard him say anything or even make any sounds at all.”

  Somewhere in the deep recesses of Kyle’s mind he knew that given the opportunity he would recognise the man’s chuckle.

* * * *