What’s Going On #4

question-mark-godThese are books that are in my WIPs list, but I haven’t yet decided where I’ll be submitting these to─but I guess I’ll figure it out when I get there.

Admetus Gaea: Yes I wrote and published this through Silver publishing, but have since pulled it apart and when I re submit it will be the same story line, but will be less cluttered… if that makes sense. #1 Zadyn & Jarkebb, #2 Raeligh & Coen, & #3 Grayson & Jondalar. there will also be more books in this series but I’m still working them out.

The rest are still only ideas and will come to light when it’s their time:

Flagstone Creek

Guardian of the Dragon Born: Cullen Arinan

Inner City Pack

Mountain Made

Outside the Safety Zone

Quaide’s Crossing


Taking Chances

The Brothers McCrieve

The Core